A little forced intoxication play to warm him up.

Forced intoxication play turns my sissy pet into such a willing pay pig. He loves to drink and get wrapped easily around my finger. Honestly, he’s so used to our sissy dress-up games already that I had to spice it up with something naughtier.  He already yearns to wear my panties and sometimes even to buy up some lingerie of his own. But this time, I wanted to take control completely. And nothing makes my sissy lose control more than getting wasted and getting a little fucked up. He loves to take it further, too, and sometimes does a little weed and X to really seal the deal.

A little hit of X put him in the right spot when we began to play. I poured him a shot of vodka to wash it down, and he was ready to bounce off the walls. He was dancing with the music and begging for something cute to wear. I finally opened my closet up, and he ran wild. His eyes feasted on the drawers of bright-colored lace panties from PINK and the seductive black and red options from Victoria’s Secret. He bounced to the different arrays of push-up and lace bras that I had. All in the hall, he was starstruck, and a little forced intoxication play made his cheeks flush in excitement.

He was so fucking wasted.

And he loved it. His head spun, his hands gripped the lace panties. He begged me to tell him to put them on. “No,” I told him, “if you want to wear them, you have to pay me to try them on.” Instantly, his eyes lit up like Christmas trees. My little sissy loves when I force him to pay for things, even more so when he’s drunk! He searched through his pocket for his wallet and let me name my price. As soon as I said it, he easily flung over the hundred dollars I asked for. And so, I let him start snooping through my lingerie and pick out something to wear. Once he moved on the heels, I demanded he do another shot of vodka for me. A little forced intoxication play had him buzzing and willing.

One more shot. He flung over an extra hundred bucks to get to try on my stiletto heels. He was going all out with it. I laid out a little make-up for him to try and poured out the next shot of vodka. He floated on cloud nine, buzzing, flushed at the cheeks, and melting over every touch and rub of the lace against his body. The ecstasy was making him blow money like candy, and try on everything I allowed him to. He was in love with it. Finally, I brought his fetish phone sex fantasies to reality and let him parade around my room in his favorite lingerie.

He was in full princess mode.

A little cross-dressing primadonna, drunk off forced intoxication play. And, of course, the next step was to whip out the toys. I pulled out the little toy basket for him to choose from. The more he oogled them, the more drunk and high that he got. He was ecstatic as he picked out the vibrator and let it buzz against him. I ordered him to do a little strip-tease with his lingerie and put on a show while playing with himself. He did so willingly, eyes glued to himself in the mirror as he danced around and shook his ass. After a little laugh, I taught him how to wiggle his hips and sway with the music.

I practically taught my sissy how to give a lapdance in full drag, with a vibrating toy in his ass. The forced intoxication play made the night one remember, even with how high he was. He danced and twirled on his heels all night, showing his ass off as I recorded it. The morning after, he woke up covered in glitter and barely dressed in a set of bra and panties. And still, he loved it and instantly replayed all the videos I’d taken of him. Just like that, he was ready to go again and begged me to pour the vodka and take his money.

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