Forced cuckold intervention: because desperate times (and/or LOSERS) call for desperate measures.

My friend Todd thought he’d be getting an intervention about his drinking — but what he desperately needed was a forced cuckold intervention. It was a dirty (and mean-spirited) job, but someone had to do it. Well, okay: myself plus a couple “good samaritan” someones!

It started when a girlfriend of mine, Lucy, came to me about how Todd was pissing her off again. He was up to his usual bullshit, coming on all strong but disappearing for weeks when she finally reciprocated his sexts.

Apparently in the beginning of his reverse seduction antics he’d un-romanced Lucy by asking if they could just have a threesome with her and one of her friends he found “hot.”

Lucy said no. Maybe he thought her fledging sexual interest in him (which he was already ruining) granted him a free pass for fucking any of her friends he pleased? Poor deluded fuck . . .

I didn’t realize that Todd’s sloppy, sleazy bet-hedging was a pattern until Lucy came to me with his newest bullshit. I hadn’t even entertained Todd’s various pitiful attempts to “get at me” over the years and so never really thought much of it.

“It” refers specifically to his self-made martyr misery and self-sabotaged sexual “chickens.” I knew something about Todd I hadn’t really told anyone since I’d found it out last summer — nothing made him cum harder than humiliation and verbal abuse.

He’d begged me to verbally abuse him, his sweaty, clumsy hands already grasping for his sad dick. I refused at the time. If I remember correctly, my actual response was something like “ew!” Did he really think his pleas would end in me sucking dick? Ha.

Lucy’s story made everything click together. This mother fucker needed an intervention. He didn’t deserve it — but then again, we weren’t really doing this forced cuckold intervention cum-pletely for his benefit, anyway!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke