Forced Bi For Panty Boy Anthony!

Anthony’s pretty wife would be so shocked if she knew he put on her panties and had hot sissy phone sex with ME when she went on her weekend getaways! My sweet little panty boy Anthony is going to be the one who gets shocked when he figures out he has some forced bi action coming to him next weekend! He knows his wife is going out of town. And we’ve already got a plan in place for the week ahead. Lots of panty-wearing underneath his business suits and a week full of chastity and cock teasing from his Goddess Jenna!

What he doesn’t know… yet: is that I have already found a guy on Craigslist in his area, with a HUGE cock (I saw it on cam! So I know he’s legit. I made him pay for a call and “audition” for his part in the festivities!) to give Anthony his first forced bi experience! I know that he secretly wants a big fat dick shoved in his mouth and in that tight little ass!

After nearly 2 years he still won’t admit to it, so I’m going to force him to!

All week long I will be laughing as he puts on various pairs of his wife’s panties and prances around in them, snapping pictures for his Goddess like a good little panty boy – knowing that when the week is over, he will be wearing those panties for someone else! I’m going to watch on cam. Anthony will think it’s going to be a regular cock teasing and edging session – until the doorbell rings, and I tell him to go answer the door. In his panties. That I’m expecting company for him, and it’s arrived. At the door will be Jack, his soon-to-be big-dicked lover! There to give him some forced bi to push him into admitting the truth.


What is it that YOU want? To be my good little panty-wearing bitch, just like Anthony? Or maybe just to hear about all the deviant perversion that I have planned for him? OR… maybe YOU want the D and are just too chicken to admit it! Whatever it is you want – let’s talk about it!

Fetish Phone Sex!