Leia jumped from her chair startled by the knock coming from her door.  Turning off the data-pad, she tried to arrange her black silk robe, “who could it be at this hour?”  Leia nearly gasped as the door slid open to reveal her brother Luke.  “Can I come in Leia?” he asked bluntly.  “Yes,” she answered as she felt her pussy quiver, “of course you can.”  “Leia,” Luke began fighting to keep his eyes off the curve of her breasts peeking from the opening in the robe.  “Ever since I saw you in that metal bikini I’ve been thinking about you, I can’t stop thinking about you and honestly I don’t want to!”  Leia was silent, she felt her nipples peeking through her sheer robe she couldn’t deny she wanted to feel her brother deep inside her.  “Only you make my cock this hard” Luke said suddenly, taking Leia’s hand putting it on his fleshy lightsaber.  Leia felt his shaft throbbing against her hand.  “It’s the hardest I have ever been.”  Leia lightly stroked her brother’s cock through his loose pants.  “I’ve…had those fantasies too, imagining you thrusting deep inside of me.”  “Give me your tongue, I want to taste it!”  Leia demanded.  Luke stuck his tongue out touching it to her lips, Leia sucked it into her mouth.  She started bobbing her head back and forth sucking her brothers outstretched tongue in and out of her mouth; giving him a preview of all she could do with his thick cock.  Guiding their bodies to the couch, Luke pulled her into his lap to straddle him. Breaking the kiss to nibble on her neck and collarbone Leia moaned and panted, “oh gods Luke, I can’t believe we’re finally gonna fuck!”  Pulling open her robe looking at his sister’s large breasts and rock hard nipples, “yes we are and we’re gonna fuck all night long SIS!”  Leia hovered over Luke, shaking her tits in his face, when he suddenly grabbed her right nipple with his teeth, sucking it violently.  Her pussy was on fire, her black panties where dripping with her juices.

Suddenly stood up in front of the couch giving him a smile telling him to sit right there; returning Leia was wearing the bottom half of the very bikini she wore for Jabba, the same bikini that his cock ooze his salty pre-cum.  “Didn’t think I kept it did you?”  Luke couldn’t answer, all he could do was stare at her in awe and imagine how tight her pussy would be around his cock.  Luke pulled his tunic shirt off, he couldn’t wait any longer he had to be inside his sister now!  Helping Luke out his quickly tightening pants Leia realized her lips were just inches from her brother long, thick cock.  “Oh my gods, Luke” Leia reached out wrapping her hand around the shaft. “It’s so BIG!!”  Sliding her hand slowly up and down the vein covered shaft of her brother’s cock, Leia couldn’t take her eyes off his magnificent cock.  Moving her lips closer to the head of his cock. Luke held his breath as he watched his sister open her mouth and suck on the head of his dick.  “Oh my gods!!” Luke moaned at the sight of his sister finally sucking on his cock.  Leia moaned with his cock-head in her mouth opening wider to take in the full length of his shaft.  His eyes widened as Leia deep throated his lightsaber all the way to the balls. She took every inch holding it for as long as she could.  Leia sensed that her brother was getting close with just her mouth, releasing his cock form her mouth it was time to take their fun to the bedroom.  Leia gently pulled Luke to his feet by his dick, she was taking charge and Luke had no problem with that.  Luke followed eagerly, his sister’s grip on his cock was more powerful guiding force than any Indictor Cruiser’s tractor beam.

Luke teased his sister’s clit making her squirm and quiver beneath him, “please Luke”, she begged.  “Please what, sis?”  Touching his sister’s clit with his cock-head, dragging the tip up and down.  “Please what?” Luke whispered again.  “Fuck me Luke, please fuck me now!”  Leia moaned as Luke pushed his fat head into her wet, slippery pussy.  The twins moaned in unison, taking in the pleasure that they waited so long for.  Luke suddenly pulled himself back, then thrust slowly into Leia again savoring the tightness of her pussy walls.  “Yes Luke” Leia moaned, wrapping her legs around Luke’s ass, pulling him to her balls deep.  Catching his rhythm Luke began thrusting in and out faster and with more force.  Still standing Luke fucked Leia on the edge of the bed.  Gripping her breasts using them to control his thrusts in and out of his twin sister. The room was filled with this sound of their skin slapping against each other as he pounded her pussy violently.  Leia grabbed onto Luke’s shoulders pulling his lips to hers using that wonderful mouth on his tongue once more.  Luke held nothing back, pumping his hips as he kissed Leia.  His cock began to swell shooting his cum deep inside his sister dripping wet pussy.  Leia’s body began to convulse as she felt her brother cumming with such force.  Leia clawed down Luke’s back, scratching him as she lost control cumming in unison with her twin brother.  The Force is HARD with you Luke!!!