So, I have to say that I never thought that I would admit to this, but I LOVE fucking my brother. It is the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. Not only because he is so DAMN hot but because I know it is forbidden. You know, sometimes that forbidden cock is the best cock of all. **Wink** I cannot begin to tell you just how much I love sucking on his rod every chance I get. Nothing turns me on more than taking that fat cock of his in my mouth, licking every last inch of it, sucking on it, and having him ram it down my throat.  Let me tell you about our last encounter.

So, here we were at our family reunion. Everyone was there. If any time was not a good for us to FUCK, this was the time. With the meat on the grill, food being placed on the tables outside, everyone standing around talking, the guys drinking and discussing football season, I wanted to take full advantage of this despite knowing the consequences of getting caught. I knew I was playing with fire but how could I resist. He looked so SEXY that day. Those legs, broad shoulders, and those lips were causing my pussy to thump. I could feel my panties getting wet just looking at him. I decided this was my moment. I casually walked past him, pretending to head to the kitchen, and gave him the wink.


I made my way through everyone and up to the bathroom. He followed me up a few minutes later. He knocked on the door quietly, just loud enough to let me know he was there. I opened the door and he came in. I immediately shut the door and locked it. I pulled my sundress off as quickly as I could, leaving only my white thong on. Without delay I went for his pants, tearing them off of his body as quickly as I could. Craving my brother’s cock, I couldn’t resist taking it in my hand to stroke it. I couldn’t help but think what will happen if we get caught. This forbidden play was undeniably turning me on. I cannot resist him anymore. I took that cock of his deep in my throat while he held my hair. As his hips started to thrust harder and faster against my face, I could feel his balls slapping against my tongue. My hands made their way to his ass and I began to rub his asshole with my finger. When he pulled out of my mouth, I took advantage of that and lubed up my finger. He did not give me much time before he started fucking my face again but I did manage to get my finger wet. **wink** I ran my finger back around his asshole and I slid it deep inside. I knew brother liked me fingering his asshole, I could tell how he would moan and his thrusts would get more intense. As I was taking his rod in my mouth, my finger was sliding in and out of that tight asshole of his. Harder and harder he would pound, holding my hair and fucking my mouth so deep, tears were running down my cheeks.

He pulls out of me, grabs my arm, pulls me up, and bends me over the vanity. He takes the belt from my sundress and ties my hands up behind my back. Ramming that fat cock into me, he grabs my hair and pulls it back, making me watch him pound away at my wetness. As I watch him hammer me with his hard cock, I can feel my pussy tighten around him. I can see the excitement in his face and I know he wants to cum inside of me. His balls continue to slam against my pussy. He grabs the belt he has tied around my wrists and pulls my arms back as he fucks me. Trying not to moan or scream, he shoves my underwear in my mouth to keep me quiet. With my head hitting the mirror, arms behind my back, thongs shove into my mouth, and a fat cock deep in my pussy, I could feel him exploding his load inside of me. His cock releasing the load he built up while fucking me. **Giggle** I sure love fucking my brother!!