My foot worship slave loves to please.

Foot worship slave tasks always entail that he kisses and massages my feet daily. In fact, more than daily, sometimes he does it several times a day whenever I ask. He lives just to daydream of the day I’ll give him a heel footjob, but he knows he really has to please me if he ever wants me to put my feet on his cock. It’s one of his biggest fetish phone sex fantasies that he’s brought to life with me. My little slave is named David, but I gave him a little nickname. Sometimes, I call him “Footie” because he loves my feet as much as a “foodie” would love and obsess about food. He certainly doesn’t mind.

David lives for the days when I let him have my pretty little feet in his face. It’s a kink that I found out about when I realized he was paying extra attention to my feet. See, he used to be just regular friends-with-benefits, until the night I saw how devoted he was to help me take off my heels. We just returned from a night out clubbing with some of my friends. Had it been any other night, I would have gone straight to bed, and maybe we would have fucked that night. But that particular night, my foot worship slave decided to obsess about my pretty heels! He helped me undo the straps, but stayed near my feet when he took the shoes off.

He sniffed and worshipped them.

I stared in awe as he sniffed a little, taking in the scent of my pretty little feet. He then looked up at me, curious if I would let him continue, and I did. First, he started by massaging them. He caressed my toes in his hands and kneaded the soft soles of my feet. I laid back and relaxed as I watched him, and let him do as he pleased. Soon, my foot worship slave began using his tongue. He kissed and sucked and licked each toe, even going in between. I admit, it really tickled at some points, and my laughter delighted him. He was out to please, and I knew it. Little did he know, I could see him growing hard and excited.

He kept it a little secret, of course, but I knew. Deep down, he wanted to become a foot worship slave. He massaged my beautiful feet that night and then went to bed. And the morning after, he woke me up with a soft foot massage again! Can you imagine how devoted he was? I was dead asleep and I woke up to his hands caressing and kneading my soft pedicured feet. I didn’t really notice what he was doing until he slipped a toe in his mouth. My naughty foot worship slave couldn’t stay away from my feet, apparently. The more I allowed him to do, the more he wanted to experiment with.

Before long, he was painting my toes.

Yeah, you read that right. He was my foot worship slave and now my devoted nail salon. He learned how to paint toenails from watching a few videos and I allowed him to practice on me. Now, I had my own little pedicurist. To his benefit, he got to pick out the color he wanted to see on them. He got to keep them trim, clean, and perfect to suck on. Of course, his favorite days were still the ones when I came home with a surprise pedicure or new set of heels. Suddenly, he spent all his spare money to buy me those extra nail salon appointments and shoe shopping. He grew insatiable. But of course, I was more than happy to keep him at my every beck and call.

I did this pretty often, too. He became my foot worship slave and I would call on him to massage my feet just about anywhere. I had him massage them while I lay in bed, or when I watched movies. I even ordered him to massage and kiss them while I worked, and he laid on the other side of the desk to complete his job. His mouth craved my feet, and my pretty feet craved a soft touch!

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