My friend-with-benefits gets a one on one foot love session.

Foot love is what he likes to call it. I’d just call it a little time massaging, kissing, and licking my toes..but he likes thinking of it differently. He gets to spend enough time kissing, teasing, and tempting me.. but before we get to it all, he started asking for a one-on-one session with my feet..and nothing else! I thought it was a little funny when he brought it up, but he loves it.. so why not? He’s totally in love with them, and you should see the way his eyes light up when he sees I got a fresh pedicure and it’s a brand new color scheme for him to kiss and droll over. I love taking care of my feet for him, sometimes even spending a little extra time picking the perfect heels for when I go over to his house. The way he loses his mind when he sees my heels is priceless.

He’s even gone out of his way to demand a little one-on-one foot love time. I thought it was just something he liked to joke around with, but no!  He’s totally serious. He wants some time to himself right before we get to doing anything really naughty. No blowjobs, no teasing touches, nothing.. until he’s had plenty of time to fawn over them. He’ll rub them against his cheeks and I’ll wiggle my toes a little for him.. Letting him pop one toe in his mouth, then the other, and on and on until he’s had enough playtime with them. He loves it even more if I’ve been walking around in heels all day and he can smell it. Naughty little toes that have had a long, hard day, and now he gets to spoil them and do whatever he wants to them. Sometimes I think he’d cum alone just from playing with them.. and I wonder how quickly he might blow his load if I gave him a foot job! Maybe that’ll be on the agenda for next time. 😉

Come play with me.

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