Foot Fetish Stories – Everything You Need to Know About My Sexy Feet

Foot fetish stories are something I haven’t done in a really long time. So, if you have a foot fetish then give me a call because I’ll blow your mind.

How do I always have such pretty, sexy feet?

Well, the answer to that one is very simple, really, because I take very good care of my feet. They’re a size 6 and they never without a fresh coat of paint on them. I shower daily and whenever I do, I always wash my feet. It’s hot where I live and I wear open-toed shoes all the time so it won’t do to have gross feet.

Every week, I paint my toenails and I always choose a pretty color. Usually, I go with a soft pink, a dark red, or any other pastel color. I also make sure my nails are trimmed to perfection. Occasionally, I’ll go to a salon, but I typically like to do my own pedicures.

What kinds of shoes do I usually wear, you ask?

As I’ve said, it’s hot here more often than not so I wear a lot of shoes that expose my toes. Why put so much effort into looking good if you’re not going to show it off, right? I love high heels. High-heeled boots, sandals, really anything. A spiked heel always shows off my sexy legs the best. I never wear anything less than a 5′ heel because I’m only 5;3.

So, if you’re interested in some really hot foot fetish phone sex then give me a call because I’d love to play with you. Let’s dig into all your foot fantasies and get nasty. I’d love to wrap my sexy feet around your throbbing cock. Please cum all over my soft, silky feet.

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