Foot Fetish Jobs, My soft feet meets Your hard cock!

There are truly beautiful feet and mine are extremely pretty. I take great care in keeping them so very soft and smooth. While working in a salon some time ago doing pedicures a man complimented my own feet. I wondered if he thought I was in a foot fetish job.

Smiling I thanked him but I hear that all the time. I became acutely aware that he was watching my own feet the whole time he was in my chair.

After I was finished he paid me but also handed me his business card. I have a job for you that would make this look like pennies just give me a call sometime.

I asked my friend what she thought he had in mind. I assumed it was an escort service or a foot fetish job of some kind. Maybe he wanted me to do private pedicures to the rich and famous? I have to admit I was very intrigued. I thought on it for a couple days until curiosity got the best of me and I called.

He was excited to hear from me for this foot fetish job!

After introducing myself he was excited I called. Can you come straight away to my office? There is a small coffee shop on the ground floor I will meet you there. He hung up before I actually answered yes. So I guess I was going. I shook my head. What is his deal, I wondered?

I walked in and saw him sitting at the window table. He stood and shook my hand and again I noticed he looked straight down at my feet. Please sit down and I will get straight to the point.

I want you to be a foot model. I advertise for footwear and you have the perfect feet for the sandals. It pays a lot more than you could ever imagine and as long as your feet continue to look sexy the job is yours! Really I could not believe my good fortune and to think I was going to turn this guy down because I thought he was wanting me for a foot fetish job. Yes, I will take it. I said with enthusiasm. Well, we have to do all the paperwork and usually, models start out with smaller gigs and work their way up but I could fast track you to the big money jobs if…. he left the last hanging. I sat there staring at him.

Allow me to worship your feet!

Are you really saying you want me to fuck you in order to get a job? I was outraged. No please lower your voice. It is not like you are thinking. Yes, I could set you up for life. But I want something in return. I won’t touch any part of your body just your feet. I want to worship your feet. Let me lick them and caress them. Once a week that is all. I promise nothing else. Was this guy really serious? Hell yea, he could lick my toes for a high paying job. Where do I sign, I grinned.

He looked shocked and relieved. Once all the paperwork was out of the way and his secretary was gone. I was sufficiently happy with the money they were offering me. I walked over and sat on his desk, slipped my shoes off and placed my feet on his knees. He lifted one and panting slightly he sniffed them long and deep.

He slowly traced the bottom of my foot with his tongue. It actually felt really nice and then he slid his tongue between each of the toes. I was really liking this. I leaned back on my hands. He never once looked up at my panties under my skirt. He was focused solely on my feet. I could see his dick was hard. After about 20 minutes of his manipulations, I eased one foot down and massaged his hard dick. He gasped. You don’t have to, he strained.

He was so close to cumming!

Tell me no and I will stop. I caressed him with more pressure. I continued stroking his hard cock until he was groaning in agony. Only then did I tell him to take it out. He did hurriedly and I placed both feet around his hot throbbing cock and stroked him. Sliding my toes up and down his shaft and over his head. My smooth feet caressed his dick like his tongue had done to them earlier. I could tell he was close to cumming so I stroked harder. He exploded hot wet cum all over my lovely toes and feet.

He took great care in cleaning me gently so as nothing of me touched anything of him accept my feet. Simone, we are going to have a great working relationship! He smiled and I left very pleasedly with myself for landing this foot fetish job.

It is very easy to give someone what they want when they are being so very generous with you. I was glad to help him with his fetish phone sex. Just as I will excitedly assist you with all of your desires when you dial PSK phone sex lines.