Foot Fetish – Even more ways to involve your lady

foot fetish

First, my standard warning. If you’re reading this and you are put off by the thought of licking, sucking, and kissing a woman’s feet, then this blog post probably isn’t for you. Go learn to suck your own dick instead.

Now you know you’re not alone in your fixation on feet. And that you men fetishize feet almost as much as the usual tits, pussy, ass, etc.. You may even know why you may feel that way. And most of all, you know that you need some beautiful lady feet to worship as soon as possible.

Is your lady into all of this? If she is, lucky you! But if not, here are even more ways to involve her in your fetish.

Foot worship – find her dominant side.

Foot worship and a dominant/submissive dynamic aren’t always part of a foot fetish, but it can be a great way to explore that side of your relationship. You will literally be worshiping at her feet, so that’s a good start. And it can be a great way for your lady to find her inner dominant if she would like to…

Here are a few ideas to get you started worshiping her feet. Maybe she can begin with her shoes on. And then have you begin by caressing and tasting her shoes, making sure to suck the heel. When she’s satisfied with that, she can allow you to remove her shoes.

Don’t forget her toes!

Next, she might have you suck each toe into your mouth, one at a time. You should do this as slowly and sensually as possible. I absolutely love the feeling of my toes being sucked and worshiped. The feeling of my toes in a warm wet mouth is such a turn on!

After you’ve pampered each toe, she might ask for you to use your tongue next to please her. Licking up and down her sole and running your tongue between your toes might be her next request. And when you’re an advanced foot lover, she can try pushing all of her toes into your mouth and see how far down you can take them.

Sensual and intimate

Foot worship isn’t all heavy power exchange and dominance, though. It can be gentle, sensual, and intimate as well.

A foot massage is about as intimate and sensual as you can get. Offer to massage and pamper your lady’s feet after a long day at work, after wearing those sexy high heels you love, or any time she needs some attention. A good time to do this is during a non-sexual time – maybe while relaxing and watching Netflix. A foot massage may be very arousing for you, but try to make this all about her.

Foot massage tips:
        • Pick a quiet time with no distractions – the idea is relaxation.
        • Take your time. Don’t rush through the foot massage to get to other, better things.
        • Ideally, you will massage your partner’s feet as long as she wants
        • Try using massage oil or another body oil. This will allow your hands to glide effortlessly over her skin.
        • Warm-up your hands before touching her feet
        • Don’t be afraid to include the ankles and lower legs in the massage.
        • Show your gratitude for her allowing you to pleasure her.
Foot jobs

Probably the sexiest thing a woman can do with their feet is stroke a cock with them. Men with a foot fetish often get great pleasure from their genitalia being in contact with a lady’s feet. She can grind her feet over your cock or gently stroke it with her toes. And if she’s willing, you could be allowed to cum on her feet. If you do this, though, be prepared to be told to clean up her feet. With your tongue.

Foot fetish selfies

Ask your lady to send you pics of her feet when you’re apart. And make sure to praise her feet and show her how grateful you are for her sending them to you. You will be excited by the pictures, and she may like the attention.

Next up:

Well, that’s all the advice I have about your foot fetish. What’s next? You tell me! Let me know if you have anything you want me to write about.

foot fetish

And if you want to talk about my sexy feet, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else, just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…