Foot Fetish – Your love of feet, explained.


foot fetish


Have you ever wondered which body part men fetishize the most? Aside from the usual tits, pussy, ass, etc., of course. Did you guess feet? You men definitely love that part of us that is almost always touching the ground and many times covered up in shoes.

Is it unusual to feel this way about feet?

Having a foot fetish is not only perfectly normal; it’s very common. But, unfortunately, if you’re into feet, your attraction to them may have been a secret for a long time. Maybe you have felt shame, feared ridicule, or have been rejected in the past because of it. And, of course, worshiping those sexy lady feet isn’t for everyone.

If you’re reading this and you are put off by the thought of licking, sucking, and kissing a woman’s feet, then this blog post probably isn’t for you.  Maybe you have a different fetish.  Perhaps you’d like to suck your own dick?

Nevertheless, foot fetishes are very common. Are you not sure if you’re a foot fetishist? Here’s a quick test. Go to and search for your favorite celebrity, model, YouTuber, or influencer. Spend five minutes looking at her feet. Is your dick hard? If it is, you have your answer! And, well, if it’s not, you also have your answer.

Why do I feel this way about feet?

Scientific research has uncovered a lot of theories about why people are attracted to feet. At one time, people with a foot fetish were considered “perverts” and often portrayed as being very odd. Over time, though, it has come to be seen as just another kink. And for a good reason!

Your need for feet in your face may trace back to a single childhood experience. Perhaps you had a crush on a girl with beautiful feet. Feet that you saw often but couldn’t touch.

Or maybe you spent as much alone time as you could practicing your hobby of sniffing ladies’ shoes that you found around the house. Or, perhaps, it traces back to nothing at all.

Above all, never listen to anyone who tells you that your kink is gross or deviant. You should, of course, respect their boundaries. But don’t let their attitudes affect how you feel about it personally.

Foot Fetish – Are they all the same?

No, they’re not! A man’s love for his lady’s feet can take many forms. Some of you just like shoes, some of you love licking and otherwise putting feet in your mouth. Many just like the smell of them or even the smell of their socks and or shoes.

Some guys mostly like the toes and some like the whole foot. And most interesting to me, some like nice clean feet (or shoes) but some like sweaty, smelly feet and shoes.

Also, some guys like for their partner to go barefoot as much as possible. And others may enjoy flip flops or sandals that only allow a teasing peek at the feet. And of course, high heels are a favorite as well.

Finally, an attraction to women wearing pantyhose and stockings can also go along with a fascination with feet and shoes. A crossover fetish, if you will.  Needless to say, a foot fetish is as individual and unique as the man who indulges in it.

You may even like the humiliation, submission or taboo aspect.

When a guy loves and worships feet, it can be a powerful form of humiliation. A dynamic that some find very sexy.  Some cultures consider feet and sometimes footwear filthy and beneath people – possibly the dirtiest part of the body. This lends a taboo aspect to worshiping them.

And speaking of taboo, Sigmund Freud noticed that it was common for men to have a foot fetish and surmised that the foot could be considered a phallic symbol. That means it looks like a dick. A pretty, well-pedicured dick.

Some couples use foot play as part of a power exchange dynamic. Your lady can make you feel submissive by having you serve her by worshiping her feet. Even if you don’t have a foot fetish, it can be a useful tool in a FemDom relationship.

She may choose to enjoy your service as a human footrest. Or, she may have you kneel at her feet and adore them. Or even better, she may place her feet all over your body until you are in a position of submission. Then, you will literally be worshiping at her feet!

Next up – Since I care about you, my sexy foot fetishists, I will show you how to get your partner involved in your foot fetish!

foot fetish

And if you want to talk about your foot fetish, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else, just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…