Foot fetish and shoe salesman seem like a likely pair. I mean if you have a thing for feet seems innocent enough to work with shoes.

Frank was the owner of one of the best shoe boutiques around. He always seemed quick to offer help to my sister whenever she would go into his store for shoes. He only carried lady’s shoes and had the best variety of styles. Who knew he had a foot fetish?

My sister told me that she would always get discounts from Frank if she let him pick out a pair for her. He said he knew what would look great on her feet.

I went in on my day off recently and browsed the selection. $250.00 and up for shoes! Are you out of your fucking mind? Frank came over when he saw me checking out the tags on some of the shoes I was looking at.

Frank gave me a smile and offer me a seat and said he had the perfect pair for me to try on. He came back holding a dark navy blue shoe with 6-inch heels. The leather was soft and easy to walk in.

I noticed Frank was snapping off pictures of my feet in the pumps.

First sign he had a foot fetish! I sat back and moved the tip of the shoe up the side of his leg until it rested right under his balls.

Instantly his cock was hard. “You know Frank, it’s pretty obvious you have a foot fetish. I’ll make you an offer…if you give me one pair of shoes a month, I’ll let you do anything you want to my feet.” I said with a purr. Come on who is gonna say no to a tall sexy drink like me?

Sure enough Frank took the bait. Pulling the expensive shoe off he smelled the inside of the leather and then my feet. His tongue sucked each of my toes.

“I wanna watch you touch your cock while you play with my feet,” I whispered. Frank got up and locked the door to the store and closed the shades. His cock flopped out between my feet. He told me to hold the leather shoes up to his nose while he fucked my feet.

Before I knew it my feet were covered in cum. Without a hitch, Frank licked his thick gooey cum right up!

My feet loved the attention Frank gave them. I got used to his foot fetish and looked forward to seeing him worship my feet.

Now if I could only find a guy who got off on paying my rent we would be all set!

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