‘Tis the season for some hot foot fetish chat!

Are you ready for some hot foot fetish chat that will keep you warm all night long? I’m getting out all of my holiday stockings for the naughty little boys and all the fetish phone sex I’ll be having. I have all kinds of festive colors with lace. I have a pair that says “ho ho ho” and I’m about to be Santa’s little hoe. Let me wrap up a special gift just for you. I’ll pull up my sexiest pair of red lace stockings with toes painted to match and let you worship my lacey feet. It’s time to get on your knees and suck on my pretty little toes. Be my naughty foot worshipper!

I want you to unwrap your present, pull down my stockings with your teeth and reveal my soft, freshly pedicured toes. I bet this gets you harder than all the college girl porn you’ve watched before. Lick between my toes and let me smother your face with my feet! Rub them over your cheek and feel just how soft and smooth my feet are. Worship my feet, ravish them with your mouth. I bet your cock is hard just thinking about my pretty painted red toes. I’ll shove my toes into your mouth making you suck on them and then I’ll rub them all over your hard leaking cock. I want to tease that perfect package. Let Santa’s hoe unwrap you with my talented toes!

Do you want me to give you a sloppy wet footjob?

Your hard cock fits perfectly in the curve of my feet, spit on them for me while I stroke you, nice and slow. I want you to feel every sensation of the slide of my feet. It’s all for you, my naughty boy. I love the feel of your hard, hot cock between my feet! My red painted toes curling and I stroke you. Feeling you get harder with every stroke as you start to fuck into the perfect curve of my feet. Fuck my pretty feet!

I grab my dirty stockings. Here, open your mouth and taste my dirty stockings! Suck on them while you fuck my perfect feet spreading your pre-cum all over my toes. Fuck my feet, faster and harder! I want to feel you shoot your hot cum all over my bare feet. You can paint my toes with more than just nail polish. They say that cum is a great moisturizer. I can’t think of a better way to moisturize Santa’s hoe’s feet then cum. Cum all over my feet and give me a sexy little foot massage.

I know you’re going to be on the naughty list this year and you’ll be craving some foot fetish chat!

Sweet Phone Sex