Feet Covered in Sexy Silky Stockings Will Satisfy Your Foot Fetish – Phone Sex

Foot Fetish – When you have a thing for feet it’s so much fun to cover them in some silky stockings.

I love doing this just to tease those men that are obsessed with my feet!!

I got all dressed up for my date knowing how much he loved the way my sexy toes looked covered in nylons.

Just to tease him even more, I wore some sexy peep-toed heels to give him a very small glimpse and drive him crazy. It worked too.

All through dinner he kept dropping one thing or another under the table just so he could pick it up and get a little peek at my sexy toes.

I slipped off my shoe and slid it up his leg under the table. Moving it up to his crotch, I teased his cock with my toes.

Clenching my toes together, massaging his cock I had him exactly where I wanted him. As he tried to play it cool I made sure to keep up the fun.

The waiter stopped by just as my toes found his cock again and he almost spit out his drink.

Surprised, the waiter turned to him to ask if he was okay. I started to giggle a little as my date tried to keep his cool but stammered through his answer that he was fine.

He looked over at me and said my feet are driving him crazy!

If I didn’t stop he was going to make a huge mess in his pants.

I told him I’d rather he did that all over my feet instead.

His eyes got huge as he asked for the check. Then, we barely made it to the car.

He climbed into his seat and began taking off his pants.

I was in the passenger seat slipping off my heels.

Grabbing my legs he pulled them over to his side of the car and immediately slid his cock between the arches of my feet.

Pressing them together nice and tightly around his thick hard cock it didn’t take him long at all. Especially not with all the teasing at dinner.

So, In no time his dick was shooting hot, sticky cum all over my sexy nylon covered feet.

In fact, It looked so fucking hot my thighs creamed with my pussy juice!!!

But what was hotter, was when I looked at him and said, “You made the mess, you clean it up!”

Watching him lick his seed off of my stocking covered toes was so fucking hot!
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