You could say I have quite the Fetish; a Food Fetish.

It all began when I was 15 and was getting ready for school. Started packing my lunch and all of a sudden, while looking in the fridge, my mind went crazy. I immediately grabbed myself. I had a strong sensation in my pants. My pussy was wet. Then I looked up into the fridge again. I saw a cucumber, bananas, zuchini, and carrots. Grabbed one of each and hurried back to my room. I looked at my watch to see if I was going to be late. Why did I grab these?! I took all the food out of my bag, took off my pants, and sat on my bed. One by one, I couldn’t stop myself from experimented with each item as I put it in and out of my pussy. Kept thinking to myself, “is this a fetish?”

My head kept tilting back as my eyes rolled! I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having! The skinny carrot was so long it went inside my pussy so far! The banana was a little thicker and curved, it felt so great inside my pussy touching and rubbing in different angles. The cucumber was even thicker and hurt just a little as I was putting it in, but I got it in so deep! Then, the zuchini, thicker than all of the others, it hurt so bad as I couldn’t resist putting it all the way in! I could feel my pussy stretch and my insides tighten as I put it in and out, harder, and faster! Remember sitting up and continuing with the zuchini. I got on my hands and knees and kept on going, faster and harder with each thrust!

I missed the bus that day.

As I grew up, I had accepted that I had a food fetish. Fucking myself with food became a daily thing – once, twice, or even three times a day I was using food to make myself cum.

Now that I am older every time I eat, my fetish comes alive. I fuck myself with any food I can get my hands on. One time, I will never forget is when I was visiting family for thanksgiving. My fetish has gone extreme, and I loved it. We were a little more than halfway through our meal and I had been sneak fucking myself with carrots, a turkey leg, fresh hot rolls, and even some HOT turkey meat fresh out of the oven. I was getting wetter and wetter and hornier and hornier.

A family tradition of ours is that we always have apples on the table during thanksgiving, usually as decoration but they are always real and very fresh! As my family was going back and forth between conversations, I grabbed an apple and quietly placed it in my lap as I briefly added into conversations. I can’t hold back my food fetish temptations.

I snuck the apple inside my dress, spread my legs, and slowly started inserting it into my already soaked pussy. On that day, I had never thought that my food fetish would get to the point of  trying such a thick and odd shaped type of food. Everyone continued talking.

It was hard to keep a straight face as I could feel my pussy stretching and tearing as the apple gets closer and closer to the halfway mark.

My pussy muscles tighten, my face scrunches and I am in more and more pain, my back arches, and I can’t help but spread my legs as far as they can! The feeling of the apple and the thought of my fetish getting me into such an extreme situation drove me crazy. I feel my pussy tear. I let out a loud moan as the apple hits its thickest point and officially halfway into my pussy. My head drops in pain. I swallow as I breath heavier and heavier.

At this point I know everyone is looking at me. Before I knew it, I felt a hand under the table, slowly go up my leg, and very quickly and roughly the hand pushes against the apple as hard as it can as the apple slams inside my pussy and my pussy lips quickly surrounds the other side of the apple. The apple is completely inside me. My head flies up off the table, I moan and scream and all of a sudden realize my brother had just forced the apple that I was pleasuring myself with at the dinner table, into my pussy, on purpose. I start thinking, did he know what I was doing the whole time? Did he know about my food fetish? Did he have a food fetish?

At this point I am sweating and in tears as my pussy aches in pain.

Couldn’t even get a single word out of my mouth. I stood up as quickly as I could. Rushed, bent over in pain, to the bathroom. I slammed the door and immediately collapse to the hard floor. I hear the door slam open behind me as I was on my hands and knees. It was my brother.

“Did you like that? You have a dirty little fetish, don’t you?! I bet you like it when your brother stretches that pussy!”

At this point, between being in so much pain, my fetish going to a new level, and also having the biggest orgasm of my life I couldn’t even speak. But, before I could take another breath my brother had his fingers inside my pussy, digging around trying to grasp the apple he had put inside me. He got a good grip, pulled it halfway out. When I thought he was helping me, he put it back in. I let out a loud moan as my pussy continued getting stretched.

He noticed how much I was enjoying the pain and fulfilling such a fetish of mine; so he continued, but got rougher and faster the wetter I got.

At this point my parents are banging on the door as their children are in the bathroom moaning and grunting, louder and louder. I couldn’t speak, had no desire to, and kept thinking how thankful I am on this thanksgiving that the bathroom door was locked behind my brother because my own brother was fucking me with a big, fresh apple and I was LOVING it.

Best. Thanksgiving. EVER!

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