Food fetish play and Ass Worship are the perfect combination of play.  Don’t deny it! You know you have thought about it.  Imagine adding a little naughty sugar and spice to an afternoon of sexual delight.  The possibilities of exploring food fetish play are endless.

Food fetish play incorporates a variety of food with the use of teasing as well as sensuous licking and tasting.  Let’s get all those sexy senses  – just gets all your senses working.  I playfully tease my men with blindfolds and handcuffs.  Totally stripping them down and cuffing them to the bed.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) I know you wish!  It only takes minutes before they are completely aroused by food fetish play.

At first, it’s was a little difficult for Joe to give up his control to me.  It didn’t take much to gain his trust.  Once I was naked, I slid my body across his naked body to cuff him to the bed.  Viola’ Magic! A little reassuring and teasing go a long way.  Within minutes he gave in to his desires of the unknown.

I kept Joe handcuffed and blindfolded while I prepared for an afternoon of fun.  The music was playing in the background, as I stood just a few feet away from him, decorating myself with a creamy bikini of yum.  Soon I could hear him moaning grow louder as his anticipation grew stronger.  I made some erotic licking sounds to get him worked up.  He tried to get loose!  “Silly boy” I whispered, as I giggled and said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Men are visual creatures!! Blindfolding Joe, made things even more intense.  Leaning in ever so gently I removed the blindfold from Joe’s eyes. He could smell something extra sweet – trying to stick his tongue out for a taste.  “Silly boy – be patient,” I said

Slowly stepping away so he could see the full view of my body.  The look of hunger filled his eyes, as I sensual started dancing before him.  Joe didn’t take his eyes off of me once.  Playfully I leaned into him and dabbed a little whip cream on his nose.  (Wicked LiL Grin)  He has a very loooong tongue and he wanted a lick.

All this teasing was making him so horny and very hungry.  I slipped my pussy just over his face  – covering every inch with my creamy delight. Eagerly he began kissing each of my luscious thighs.  Making a trail right to my patch of pleasure.  Desperately he licked every inch not missing a spot – slowly lingering over my clit.  I love his style and technique of Ass Worship. He knew just how to tease me. Best of all he knew how to bring me to the point of no return.

I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted his tongue to fuck my pussy deep and long.  Softly smothering his face – he buried his tongue in my pussy of pleasure.  I exploded with out of control quivers.   My knees became weak and my body shook with excitement.   Let’s just say, Major Yum!!!   Furthermore, the afternoon delight turned into an evening of kinky food fetish pleasures as I returned the Oral Sex Pleasures with some honey and chocolate syrup.

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