His Food fetish made me ripe for the picking

Food is so sensual. Having a food fetish? Now that’s erotic.

A few months back, I met this guy James. I guess you could say we’ve been seeing each other, well no, more like fucking each other. The other night, he calls and asks if he could come over for the night, he wanted to make me dinner and hang out. I know what that means, and believe me,  I was in need of a good plowing and he knows exactly how to dish it out. He’s fucking incredible!

He tells me he has to run a few errands first, but he won’t belong. I hung up the phone and stripped off my clothes, heading for the bathroom.

I run myself a bath, slipped into it, and soak. The warm water relaxes me, I close my eyes and drift off.

I awaken to James, tracing his finger along my jawline. ” Oh My Gosh, I must have fallen asleep,” I said. He smiled and grabbed a towel holding it open, for me to step out of the tub. I stood, extending my long legs, and watched as his eyes captured my every movement. I took the towel, and wrapped it around myself, smiling at him.

He leaned in and kissed me. His hand pressing against the small of my back. I kiss him deeply, and his hands wander all over my body. He grabs my ass thru the towel, squeezing it hard, pushing his hand in between my cheeks, and pressing his fingers sternly, firmly pushing the towel against my asshole.

“Like that?” he says almost whispering in my ear.

“Mhmm” I say, pushing my body against his.

He stops.

” Are you hungry? because I am” he looks at me, while grabbing my ass.

I laugh. ” Oh, you wanna eat now?… after THAT?”… I mean c’mon, truth be told I was expecting to get my brains fucked out right there bent over the tub.

He grins. ” Dry off, I’ll be right back”

I finish toweling off, and I grab my vanilla-scented lotion. I sit down, on the edge of my bed. I like keeping my skin silky smooth, so I begin rubbing some on my pedicured feet. James returns donning a tray.

I look up, and he places the tray at the end of the bed. I see berries, whipped cream, white chocolate sauce, dark chocolate sauce, honey, banana slices, grapes, gummi bears, and a cup of ice.

“What are you doing?” I said looking at him.

” I told you I was hungry,” He said, as he took off his shirt. ” Lie back Anna”

I felt silly, but I did as I was told.

He placed a strawberry on my lips, and kissed me, eating the strawberry, and tugging on my bottom lip with his teeth. He then, fed me a strawberry, only letting me bite half, and rubbing the broken strawberry juice on my lips, and down my chin onto my neck. His mouth followed the path he made.

I was really starting to like this.

He reached for the tray and grabbed a piece of ice, and barely touched my neck with it. I shivered. He drugs the ice over my right shoulder, I watched him as he watched my body respond to the cold. He looked at me, and then toyed with my nipples, they stiffened immediately. I felt the cold drops, falling from my nipples and hitting my sides. He then took my chilly nipple in his hot mouth, and I moaned. He liked the ice, but I liked his mouth.

James reached once again for the tray, he had my full attention. He showed me a gummi bear, and I giggled.  Then He professionally posed the gummi candy, on my erect nipple. I laughed, rewarding him with a playful ” Tah-dah!” He leaned down taking the bear into his teeth, and coming back up to my mouth, for me to bite the other half. Mmmm.

Then, James moved down to the foot of the bed. Utilizing his tray of temptation,  He made a trail of berries, in between my tits and placed banana slices around my navel. I watched as he carefully placed the berries and banana slices. He parted my legs and drizzled the trio of sauces all over my thighs. I was surprised to find he had warmed them. The warm chocolate and honey, just dripping down my soft creamy thighs. Last but not least, a perfect puff of whipped cream where my puffy pink pussy lips meet.

James drizzled some on his finger and brought it to my lips.

I obliged him, sucking his finger clean. He began to eat the berries, from between my tits, making sure that I would feel the sweep of his hot tongue, with each berry eaten. I was getting so hot watching him feed off of me.  I felt like a tree producing nourishment, and everything was ripe for the picking.

He made his way down to the banana slices, his mouth opening and his teeth grazing my skin with each yummy bite. He licked his way around my belly button, trailing his tongue down and teasing my bare hip bone, moving on to my sugary sweet drizzled thighs. Then he lapped at me, the way you lick an ice cream so it doesn’t melt too quickly. I felt my pussy getting so wet. His tongue ran over my thighs licking up all those sweet sauces. His movements were so sexy as he went between them. Suckling my thighs, slurping at them, making sure to lick me clean of those sticky sweet sauces.

Once I was clean, my forbidden fruit tree picked dry. He nestled himself between my legs. He said, ” I’ve been waiting for this dessert for a long time” To my surprise, he didn’t touch the whipped cream, his mouth latched right onto my clit, and he suckled and licked and tongue-lashed. I felt my entire body heating up, my legs began to shake. He ran his tongue up through the whipped cream, and down into my slit, over and over, until My pussy GUSHED into his hungry mouth… Mmmmm, allowing him to taste my very own cream, which of course was the sweetest of all.

This is just the beginning of my food fetish, *giggles* Come and experiment with me.

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