Food Fetish Fantasy: Food Sure Can Be A Real Turn On!

Food fetish fantasy with me can be a lot of fun. Even though it’s over the phone, just know that I am just as turned on by food as you are! I love food more than most things in this world… and I love to talk about food every chance I get.

I am not exactly sure why food turns me on. Could it be the creaminess of certain foods? Could it be the shape of certain vegetables? Or maybe all of it?

All I know is I cannot get enough food in my life. And sometimes it’s hard to control how much I eat. It’s why I love mukbang videos. When I don’t want to eat a lot I just watch one and just love watching the person eat.

I am not sure whether I had a feeder fetish or just a lust for food. But, I do really enjoy watching a person eat. The way they say “Mmm,” the way the food just slides into their mouth, the way their eyes light up when they have something tasty. It’s very enjoyable for me.

I love making food for my boyfriend.

When his lips touch my food… I can’t help but get excited. He knows how much I enjoy watching him eat my cooking. And as soon as he is finished I have to take him away to the bed.

I then serve him his dessert. Me, I’m the dessert. Sometimes we bring in whipped cream or some fruit so he can eat it out of my pussy. He absolutely loves slurping up whipped cream and berries from my cunt.

Every once in a while we’ll play with popsicles. He loves to stick the popsicle in my pussy and then fuck me for a couple of seconds and suck all my juices off. It gets his dick rock hard and makes my pussy tingle with excitement. I make one yummy little popsicle!

And sometimes when I am making a salad with cucumbers he likes to fuck me with it first. He loves to grab the cucumber, come up from behind me, choke me a little, and fuck me from behind with the cold, hard cucumber. It’s always the big ones that he loves to fuck me with. And I can’t help but cum fast.

I leave the skin on the cucumber and don’t rinse it off so that we can taste my pussy in our salads! Yummy! And sometimes I’ll even squirt getting fucked by the cucumber so he catches it in the bowl of greens. It makes the salad even tastier.

I’ve said before… anything can be a dildo.

I even love to use food when I’m on the phone with guys. Some will want me to eat some pasta for them or even fuck myself with a carrot or cucumber. And they love listening to the sounds my body makes. So fucking hot!

So, do you want me to eat for you? Do you want to make me eat until I can barely breathe? Well, what are you waiting for?! I’ll show you that they call me Bad Girl Bailey for a reason.

I’m a naughty ass fucking girl that loves to show you how naughty I can get! I can even mail off a cucumber or carrot just for your salad that I have used inside of myself. I promise that I taste absolutely delicious in your dinner. Don’t believe me then just try me for yourself.

Bailey’s pussy tastes like sweet and delicious candy. And you too can have a little taste. With your next call have me use a vegetable and ask me how I can send it to you. You will get it within just a few days and can cook with it however you want!

Ready to play with your food?

Even you can play with your food for me and it’ll turn me on! Fuck a grapefruit, watermelon, and melon! I want to hear and see you fuck food just for me. So, what do you say?

Wanna play with your food with this bad girl? Let me help you live out your food fetish fantasy.

Have the best phone sex of your LIFE with me! Call me now!