The first time sex story I usually tell is a lie.  Here’s how little Noelle became an ex-virgin.

Everyone has a first time sex story, well unless you are a virgin. (As a side note, if you are a virgin, give me a call. I fucking LOVE virgins) My first time was very special, but I don’t often share it. I usually say I lost my virginity to this douche bag I dated in high school, but he wasn’t the lucky boy who popped my cherry.  I’ve told a few family sex stories here, and I’m about to tell another.

My twin brother, Nick gets me unlike anyone else. He always has. I suppose we owe that to being crammed into our mother’s uterus for 40 weeks. After my first sexual awakening with my little sister, I began to crave something I couldn’t quite define. I wanted him to notice me, to see me as the sexual being I was so rapidly becoming. So, I started “forgetting” my towel when I took a shower, and my bikini top would “accidentally” come untied when we would swim in the lake. I would take any opportunity to entice my brother.

He was all I wanted.

Of course, the boys at school tried to grab my attention, but I had no use for them. I just wanted Nick. Weeks had gone by, and he seemed like he was starting to avoid me. He was spending a lot of time down in the barn. I started feeling bad about trying to seduce him. I mean, he is my brother, after all. Maybe, I had been too forward. Maybe, he just wasn’t interested in his twin sister.

Then, one day the two of us were doing chores. The others were all off doing various other things. I bent over to pick up a heavy bucket full of water and I felt a hand cup my ass. I glanced back, just in time to see Nick, running red-faced back to the hayloft. Guilt washed over me, and I ran after him. He was pacing and when he saw me standing there he began to yell.

“What the fuck, Noelle. I’m sorry. I know I’m fucking sick. I want something I can’t have, but you have got to stop making it so hard”

There is more to this first time sex story, of course, and If you would like to hear it, call today for some hot phone sex, or check back for part 2

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