First Time sex stories- Game, Set, Sweaty Shower Sex at our Tennis Match

First Time sex stories- From time to time I have some very HOT fantasy stories sent to me by some of my callers. This one is particularly hot because I like first time sex stories that entail me being the “other woman”. Such sexy daydreams “B” has really explained in detail how hot our very First time sex stories would go.

It had been a long day on the court. It was hot. July in North Carolina was no easy business. B was just finishing up with his last client and was really looking forward to going home and having some food and a beer when his boss yelled at him from the clubhouse, ” Hey! B! don’t pack up yet, got one more!”. It was HOT, he was tired so B, began mouthing off and started to object and mutter a string of expletives under his breath.

Still protesting until he heard that sweet Southern drawl say” I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to keep you late,” with that sweet sweet sticky Southern voice. “Oh. Hey Anna!!, I didn’t know it was you, long time no see” he countered awkwardly, hoping she hadn’t overheard his mumbling comment. Chatting pleasantly and playfully while hitting Short Court keeping the ball bouncing back and forth between them in a nice rhythm.

To be so green Anna had nice Strokes. Really nice long, slender legs. The rest of the lesson went pretty much as per usual backhand, forehands, we just made some cutesy small talk. The kind of talk about how our days went. It may have just been my imagination, but Anna didn’t seem herself. I think it could have been just an off day, Then I realized it had something with that missing wedding ring.

Anna’s biggest trigger was a married man wanting to cheat on his wife with her.

B stopped for a drink of water and he couldn’t help noticing the sweat glistening on her neck and God did he want to lick it up right off of her. At the end of the lesson, she asked if he had any plans for the night.

“I figure I’d just go home and have some beer, why?”

Anna gave a sly smile, rubbing her inner thigh with the racket handle and boldly asked “What, all sweaty like that? There are showers in the clubhouse that we could use?

“Isn’t your boss gone for the night? Don’t you think you should help me with my grip?”

It was all he could do to not take her right in the doubles alley at that point. They spent the next hour, and every subsequent Monday, fucking like professionals.

The game, set and match.



First Time sex stories and a HOT tennis lesson? What more could a girl want?

SECONDS of course, LOL

First time sex stories of any kind are hot. Opening yourself up is the hardest part.

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