First-time sex shop adventures with my vanilla boyfriend!

First-time sex shop adventures with my vanilla boyfriend! Have you ever been in a relationship that just went flat after a while? The sex is no longer good because you are kinky and they are extremely vanilla? Well, I thought that I had a cure for the non-kinks… I was sadly mistaken. My boyfriend’s car was in the shop for a week because it needed some work done. Usually, I can never get him in the car with me. But because the rule is… My car means I drive. So we were driving along when I remembered I really wanted to get a new vibrator. I had asked my boyfriend earlier in the week if we could go to the sex shop and he said no. Apparently, he has never been to a sex store in his life.

He had no Idea that we were about to arrive at the sex shop. We pull up to a run-down warehouse looking building with a blinking sign that says, Cum inside. The windows were tinted and you couldn’t see the store inside. XXX lined the door with a sign that says 18+ we card! My boyfriend was so mad his face went beat, red. Suddenly, I could hear a growl in his voice. I could feel the anger rolling off when he asked: “What the fuck are we doing here?” I calmly explained that I thought it could be fun for us to try some new things. He got even angrier with me and said: ” I know how to please my woman!” He literally crossed his arms like an adult-sized child.

First-time sex shop adventures with my vanilla boyfriend! 

After some convincing and just a small amount of belittling and he finally agreed to go inside with me. So we walk in and he puts his hood on not realizing he is making himself look like an even bigger creep.  I went over to the vibrators and tried to ask him which one I should get?!. He acted weird the whole time until he spotted the pocket pussies. The curiosity all over his face and I explained what it was and how it works. Whispering in my ear as quiet as possible he said… “Can we try that?” Finally, I have the chance to open him up to a new world of sex toys. By the time we left the sex store… I Got a new Vibrator… Fuzzy Handcuffs, A pocket pussy, and some lube.

To be honest I could not wait to get back home. I had a plan, the second we get home I am going to handcuff his hands to the bed. Completely unable to move! I am going to lube up his cock and tease him with the Pocket pussy. Edging him along for hours controlling when he can cum and when he cant. It’s all about paying attention to his body and his breathing. The more ragged his breathing the slower I go. I want to introduce him to something more than a WAM-BAM-Thank- you-Ma’am! All men can be taught… Right?!? Would you like me to teach you?

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