Panties can be sexy or just plain functional. What happens when a guy wears panties?

I was dating a guy who was as plain and vanilla as they come. One day we were getting ready to go out with some friends. In a hurry, he got dressed and we headed out. All night he kept walking funny and pulling something down under his pants. Curious, I ask “What’s the problem? You keep pulling something out of your ass” He said he accidentally put my panties on; booty shorts, thinking they were his. They were the same color and they had a mock cock opening but were shorter and tighter.
I told him I HAD to see them! We went into my friends’ bedroom, he stood there looking kinda embarrassed. I got down on my knees full of excitement…I pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned his jeans. Slowly, I pulled the pants down. There he was, in these tight short shorts. Salivating, I started to rub my hand up and down the outline of his cock.
He looked so fucking hot in my panties, I needed to get his cock out and take a taste!
He smiled at me and ask if I was turned on? His cock got so hard it was popping out the top of the band. I saw a single drop of cum wet the front of his panties. Quickly, I licked at the spot and lower the panties. He was very turned on.  Leaning back against the bedroom door he watched while I suctioned my lips around him.
I took long strokes and got him all slippery and wet. A few licks and sucks in, he couldn’t take my teasing tongue. Yanking me up, he pushed me over the back of a chair and drove his throbbing cock deep into my hot wet pussy.
I feel the panties around his knees brushing against me, I felt wild with need!
Our friends heard us fucking and started knocking on the door. My boyfriend leans forward and wraps his hand around my mouth to stifle all my moaning. I cum so hard I squirt pussy juice all over his cock. Right after I took my orgasm, he filled my pussy with a thick load of cum. Turning around to face him, I smile while I pull the panties back up before we leave the room. Since that night he won’t wear them anymore….so I need another pantie lover to fulfill my needs. Maybe a thirsty sissy boy?