.First Time Cuckold on a Weekend Getaway With My Boyfriend

I turned my boyfriend into a first time cuckold on our night of celebrating! We were out celebrating our first year together. He took me to dinner, a movie and then to a hotel to get away from the normal everyday stuff. When we arrived at the hotel we decided to go to the bar for a little bit. Sitting there having drinks we noticed a man all by himself and decided to talk to him. He looked lonely. Turned out he was here on business and was headed back out the next day. We invited him to hang out with us.

After a few drinks the bar was closing and we decided to go up to our suite and have some more. Once up there it was much more relaxed. I took off my heels and the more we drank the more clothes we took off. The stranger started flirting with me more and just being more friendly. At first, my boyfriend seemed bothered by it but once I took him aside and talked to him he was fine.

I told him tonight would be perfect for his first-time cuckold that we had talked about.

I started flirting more with the stranger until he was really relaxed. Eventually, he forgot that my boyfriend was even in the room as we started kissing. His hands moved all over my body getting my pussy super soaked! As he slid his fingers up my leg into my pussy I heard his breath catch as he found how much I wanted him. My boyfriend just sat back and watched as the stranger fingered my pussy and then started to eat away at it! The slurping sounds he made had his cock standing at attention. When he moved to enter me I think he remembered my boyfriend was there.

He looked up at me as he positioned himself to slide into me and looked over at my boyfriend and back to me again.

A huge smile grew across his face and he actually told my boyfriend, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of your girl!” With that statement he pushed his big cock down into my tight dripping cunt. He stretched my pussy like it had never been stretched before! Fucking me for well over an hour relishing in the thought that he was the reason my boyfriend was a first time cuckold!

He was a first time cuckold.

He looked over at my boyfriend and told him he was going to fill his girl’s pussy with his hot sticky cum. It was going to be my boyfriend’s job to clean me up when he left. I’m surprised my boyfriend held his own orgasm in as long as he did! After the guy filled me up he got dressed and walked out the door. My boyfriend came over to me and kissed me. He told me how hot it was being a first time cuckold and knew there would be much more of that in our future! Then he fucked the shit out of my used cunt and filled it with his own seed.

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