Did I ever tell you about my first time? It was quite the sensual seduction, I must say. It was with an older man, a friend of my father actually. My parents were out of town for the night at a wedding and had trusted me home alone when unexpectedly a college buddy of my father’s that was passing through town on business dropped by hoping to see my father for a few hours. He hadn’t known they’d be out of town. I’d met Roger several times over the years and he’d seen me grow up, so I felt no unease around him. 

Of course I invited him in and made us dinner and I assumed he’d be on his way afterwards, but he said he was too tired too drive back and would it be ok if he slept on the couch and left in the morning? I didn’t think anything of it and said sure, that was fine. I made up the couch for him and went upstairs to bed. I was in bed reading for a while when I heard a knock at my door and it was Roger. I asked if he needed anything and he said, “You,”. I barely had time to register what he said and he pulled me close to him and was passionately kissing me. I was a virgin and unsure of how to treat this unexpected turn of events, but I liked him and did think he was an attractive man, even though he was as old as my father.

He pulled me towards the bed and pressed down against me, I could feel myself getting wet and he soon confirmed it by touching me between the legs and rubbing my clit and driving me wild. He pulled off my baby doll pajamas and kissed down my breasts and tummy and went right for my pussy. I’d never felt a man’s tongue there and thought I’d died and gone to heaven. After he made me cum a couple of times with his mouth, he climbed up on top of me and slid his cock into me, bare. It hurt for a few minutes, but after that it was fantastic. He didn’t ask for a hand job or blow job, he just pleasured me, and the next morning came all too quickly. We had breakfast together and he drove home. My parents returned a few hours later, none the wiser. It is a very happy memory.