I’ve learned a lot about sex since becoming a phone sex girl here at PSK. Not just sex, though. Relationships, fetishes, the art of giving and receiving sexual pleasure – and also about myself. The first step to enjoying slutty, sensual freedom is letting go of shame. This is a confession blog about my First Lesbian Sex.

My First Lesbian Sex was with my best friend Sarah, when I was home from college.

I’d been close with Sarah all through high school. She was incredibly hot. Super sweet and seemed so innocent. She looked and acted like a Disney princess. She’d never had a boyfriend, but enjoyed stories of me being a slut. I thought she was single because she was shy, but I found out the truth. You see, sometimes Sarah would house-sit to earn extra cash. One weekend she invited me to come and stay with her. That was a night I’ll never forget. I didn’t realize what a sexy lesbian slut Sarah was until I was doing things I never imagined with my best friend.

This became the kind of sexy lesbian sleepover that horny frat boys only dream about.

We watched a romantic movie and talked about the Big Cock Sex I’d been having at college. Soon enough we were both turned on and drunk so we decided to skinny dip in the hot tub. We stripped off all our clothes while watching each other. I started to get wet and turned on staring at my friend’s beautiful breasts. Then we slipped into the water giggling as the alcohol made us more uninhibited and incredibly horny. Before I knew it, we were kissing each other. It was gentle at first, but it didn’t stay gentle for long.

I had no idea that Sarah had a plan to seduce me into having my First Lesbian Sex.

Within seconds my sweet, innocent Sarah had straddled my naked lap and started caressing my firm breasts. First, she started pinching my nipples with her delicate fingers. Next, she was grinding her pussy against my thigh. She didn’t hesitate. This wasn’t Sarah’s First Lesbian Sex. My innocent best friend was a lesbian sex goddess. She took over total control of me. She fisted her hand in my hair and pulled my head back, exposing my neck to her lips and teeth. Next she kissed down my chest, lapping at my wet breasts and hard nipples with her tongue. My pussy started to quiver with anticipation.

Her other hand dipped down between my legs, delicate fingers dancing over my clit before dipping into my cunt. I held onto the edge of the hot tub and surrendered my body to Sarah. She kissed me deeply with her tongue while she opened my throbbing pussy up to her with her clever, questing fingers. My swollen clit and sensitive g-spot were assaulted as Sarah introduced me to the beauty and pleasure of passionate lesbian lovemaking. I came violently, screaming my orgasm into her mouth, hips pumping desperately against her hand. That’s how my best friend Sarah became my First Lesbian Sex.

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