Her Little Secret!! My First Hot Teen, Girl On Girl Experience!

I wanna tell you about my first hot teen, girl on girl experience. I have a little secret I would like to share with you and I know you’re going to love it!  So, I have a friend Tommy, who even though is gay, loves to prance his hot little vixen around town….especially as a hot teen! I was almost 20, but I always hung around an older crowd. Anyway, Tommy invited me out to a gay club that is frequented by both men and women. This club was smokin’ hot, to say the least…..the very least!! The entire time that we were there, my ego was getting stroked six ways from Sunday. I had both women AND men hitting on me, left and right, hmmm and I loved every min of it.

After several hours of dancing, Tommy suggested we go grab some dinner. We were heading out to the parking lot when Tommy took us over by a group of people standing around talking by the corner of the building, at which time Tommy introduced me around. That’s when I saw her! She was just a little thing, maybe 5’1″…a cute little spinner she was. I think she weighed about a buck five. I’m no Amazon, but she made me feel like it. I instantly felt like I wanted to protect her, but I also felt like I wanted to keep her and ravage her body all to myself. I never felt that way about another woman before. Her eyes met mine and I immediately knew she wanted me too.

Tommy noticed the exchange and gave me a silly, sly grin. I think he deliberately introduced her last.

Her name was Daisy and she was….like a little flower. We asked her if she wanted to join us for dinner and much to my surprise, she did! So, we headed for the restaurant. While we were there, Daisy and I flirted like crazy while we got to know each other. By the end of the night, we were holding hands and otherwise finding reasons to casually touch each other. You already know we ended up at my place. We got to the bedroom and I turned on the lamp by the bed. At this point, Tommy was just eager to watch the kinky show! I wanted the light on, there was no way I was missing any of this. I wanted to see every inch of her body, her tits, and that tight little cunt!!

She knew I had never been with another woman before, but I knew I could please her in a way she had never been pleased before. I was nervous at first, but then I realized that all I had to do was everything I wanted to be done to me. First, I slowly undressed her, kissing her in spots that are sensitive for me….like, the side of her neck (oh, good place to start), her shoulder blades (my tongue darted out a little), her nipples (lick it, then blow on it ever so slightly), her inner thighs, hmmm YES.

After I got her undressed, I assisted her to the bed.

I could tell she was eagerly waiting for me to drill that shit with my strap-on. I undressed and I laid my body on top of hers and brought my head down to her breasts. First sucking one nipple, then the other. Her moans making me suck them harder. I then began to kiss my way down her belly. I got to her pussy and knew just what to do and where to do it. Wow… I had to hold that girl down, she was thrashing about so hard!! Oh, my God, that’s when she, well when you call babe… I’ll tell you precisely what she did next! I can’t wait to tell you! I want you to enjoy hot teen phone sex with me!