Fireman Fantasy Realized!

My fireman fantasy is something I didn’t think would happen.

It was just a regular night at home. I was hanging out watching Netflix, drinking a bottle of Moscato, doing my nails, and had some cookies in the oven. I knew that the oven was old, as with everything else in this damn tiny house I rented. And smoke from it every now and then was normal but it seemed to REALLY be smoking. I grabbed my cell and dialed 911 as fast as I could, coughing and trying not to breathe in too much smoke as I headed for the door.

A few minutes went by and the firefighters came and ripped into that fire with their giant hose. It wasn’t that bad. I just needed a new stove and to give my place a couple of days to air out. But, I was pissed! It was 2 am and none of my friends were picking up their phones. So, I was pretty screwed on a place for the night. Well, one of the younger firemen, his name was Ethan, had told me that I was welcome to come to hang out at the station until the morning.

I took him up on that offer and tried to grab some pants before we left but.. they did NOT let me back into my place. Something about “Breathing in smoke is bad for you!” or something. Ugh! So, I ended up riding back with them all in just a t-shirt and black lace panties. I felt a little humiliated but, with the way Ethan was eyeing me, it wasn’t so bad. He sat next to me in the cab of the truck in his uniform and hat, smelling like smoke and fire. And I was instantly turned on.

Ethan was the hottest fireman I had ever seen

We had all gone back to the station and someone fetched me a big t-shirt to wear so I didn’t feel so exposed. Ethan made me a cup of hot cocoa and sat me down on the couch as everyone else headed home or to the beds in the back. I sipped on my cocoa as Ethan took his equipment off.. his t-shirt was tight and showed off his tight, young body. I looked at his butt as he bent over and boy, oh, boy. Let’s just say I needed some new panties.

He smiled at me and sat down, I said, “Thank you guys so much for saving my ass. It’s an old place and so is everything in it.. so I guess this was going to happen sooner or later!” Ethan laughed and told me it’s alright, it’s what they do. And then something happened. I couldn’t help myself, maybe it was the smell of fire on him, maybe it was the bottle of wine I had, but I leaned over and kissed him hard and long.

He pulled back and said, “Whoa,” and he pushed me back onto the couch and laid on me, kissing me and pulling my legs apart. I pulled the shirt off of him and felt his thick arms, flexed, under my hands. I put my arms around him and scratched all the way down to right above his ass and reached into his pants to squeeze his tight ass.

That fireman has the tightest ass!

Ethan pulled my borrowed Rural Metro t-shirt off and grabbed my breasts and sucked my right nipple into his mouth as I ran my fingers through his short brown hair. My nipples were so goddamn hard and he looked so good with them in his mouth.

He looked up at me, kissing his way down my belly he slid two fingers under the band of my panties. Ethan practically ripped them off! He lifted my ass up and gave my aching pussy a kiss.. he licked it, sucked it, made it drip. I watched him as he slipped two fingers inside of me and bite my lip as his fingers tickled my G-spot.

Well, I sat up and he looked up at me, smiling at me, his face glistening from sweat and a little bit of me. I unzipped his jeans and reached inside to find his rock hard, thick, juicy, perfect dick. I immediately got on the floor and shoved it in my mouth. A good girl knows what to do with a hot fireman’s hose! Therefore I sucked that gorgeous man’s dick with delight… he tasted a little smokey and it made me want him even more.

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