Filthy Sexting with the Groom.

Filthy Sexting with my Ex on his wedding day. How fucked up is that? If you read my last entry- you know how I showed up at the church where my Ex was about to get married. How I surprised him and gave him an unforgettable blowjob. I walked out after swallowing his load, leaving him confused but very satisfied.

Afterwards, I got on the train pretty happy with myself. I know Tom still wants me. He is marrying someone else but he will probably always crave my mad skills in bed and my tight pussy. Once I got back above ground, I had 5 texts from him already.

“Fuck Sara. I need more now”

“Where did you go? I need to fuck you”

“I am rock hard again and I have to get married”

“Text me as soon as you get this”

I smiled as I read these. I texted back. “Hey, baby. Sorry for distracting you. You better get on with the ceremony.”

“SARA!! Please baby, I am so fucking hard. Come back and let me fuck you in this church. I need that sweet tight wet pussy!”

“You know I want you too. Go get married and we will talk later baby. Go into the bathroom and jerk yourself off.”

“I am in the bathroom. Talk me through it, Sara. Please, I need your help.”

“I am there with you. I have my wedding dress on. Then I tell you to fuck me hard in this dirty bathroom. I pull up my long white dress. You rip my white lace panties with your teeth”

“Yes! I smell your pussy. I am rock Hard!”

“My pussy is dripping wet. I want you to fuck me. Slide that rock hard cock into my wet virgin pussy!!”

His texts stop for a moment. “Thank you, Babe. I can go get married now. ”

“LOL I love you, Tom. Congratulations!”

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