BDSM Fetish Toys for Beginners

Are you curious about BDSM and want to explore your kink side? Fetish toys range from mild to wild but here are some fetish toys to start dabbling with to get your toes wet. When introducing BDSM I try to lean more towards the sensual domination, it gets the person aching and wanting more.

Silk Scarves – Very soft and sensual, easy introduction to bondage, Use the soft fabric to tease and lightly touch a willing aching body. Sliding the smooth scarf over erotic parts before using it to bind hands together. It is not completely restraining.

Paddle – A spanking paddle can be bought at a sex store or even just use a ping pong paddle will work. Try light spanking at first and build into it, it is nicer to introduce the shock and sting of a paddle when your partner is very aroused. And be naughty and nice with it give spanked spots nice gentle massages in between spanks.

BDSM Fetish Toys for Beginners

Blindfold – You can use one of the silk scarves mentioned before as a restrain or use an actual blindfold. It can heighten the whole sexual experience providing a little sensory deprivation. They will have no idea what you are going to do next, how you will touch them, or with what and eagerly anticipating what you will do.

Candle Wax – ONE OF MY FAVS! I like to use it with the blindfold and can either be done in foreplay or during sex. If done properly is not a painful experience just very erotic and sensual. I use the candles from sex shops that are designed just for this type of play. They burn at a lower temperature than common household candles. The cheaper the wax the hotter the hot wax will be. Just tilt the burning candle and drip one drop at a time on different body areas, some of my fave spots are nipples, backs and balls.

BDSM Fetish Toys for Beginners

Cock Ring – They come in shapes, sizes, and styles now. Anything from the hard steel to flexible plastics. They prolong the erection and heighten stimulation. My preferred style is the vibrating ones, I get stimulation from it and every man I have used it n says it feels incredible

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