I’d love to quench your forbidden femdom fetish thirst with my delicious piss.

No fetish is too “taboo,” too “dirty” or too “fringe” for my depraved slut tastes. Femdom phonesex is my forte, and performing “humiliating” acts upon your surrendered, submissive self is my passion.

I’m as excited about our imminent watersports games as you are. In fact, I’ve been holding it in ALL day just for the moment your mouth opens wide underneath my spread cunt lips. Arousal cumming from pee play and other bodily fluids is very taboo. Knowing our kinky playtime breaks such a “big no-no” rule appeals to me sexually. Doing something mandated as a “behind closed doors” only, private act right above your eager face and into your mouth turns me the fuck on.

Summertime is the perfect time for me to satisfy your libidinous libations, to fill your hungry watering hole with my magical, golden elixir. The smell of my pissy pussy intoxicates you. And the sensation when this golden shower I’m so generously sharing with you starts to hit your parched, parted lips is overwhelming. The more of my ripe, hot piss you drink, the thirstier you feel for more.

You especially love how my perfect pee stream tastes after I’ve been holding it for a long time. It’s so fragrant, so concentrated. Watching you swallow my precious piss nectar with such reverence, such worship is a refreshing pastime for me, too. Our dirty, messy, “unsanity” ritual really hits the spot as far as my perverted Mistress cravings.

I’m going to christen you with my magic golden elixir.

Ready to cum drink from the taboo phone sex stream that is my divine piss? I’m ready to watch you gulp down every last sweet, sour, salty drop. The piss play drinking fetish refreshment you long for is just one call away. Hurry, I’m holding it in for you. And I can’t hold it in much longer!!

So, what are you waiting for?