Fetish Dress Up Fun is like one of my all-time favorite games we play while having Hot Phone Sex together.

Coming home from a long day at the office, and you can’t wait to relax and unwind. Reaching for the door and turning the knob is the moment in time before you uncover your surprise. Planning this surprise all day I can hardly wait to see the expression on your handsome face. Licking your lips and looking my body over up and down. Taking in the fetish feast you are about to indulge in fully. Being your fantasy is always my favorite thing. Dressing up in so many different costumes and becoming a different woman every night for you.

Phone sex can be anything we want it to be. The best Role Play calls lead us both down the rabbit hole of our kinky imaginations until we can’t take the erotic build-up anymore. Bursting into each other and all over one another is a climax we, together, love experiencing. Having Hot Phone Sex can be a choose your own adventure in a way. Becoming a character in our sexy play where we are the lead roles and I am dressed head to toe in a new theme that drives you mad.

Wanting you to come to me in the glow of the warm candlelight. Holding my breath a bit as the butterflies begin to flutter inside of my stomach. Waiting in the center of the dim room with sexy beats playing in the background. Hearing the doorknob beginning to turn and knowing that this night of Fetish Phone Sex fun is about to begin. Setting the scene was easy. Choosing this seductive nasty little cosplay outfit took some creativity. Crawling all over every inch of your flesh will be the pleasure of a lifetime, and I will make every moan last.