That is my fetish! Cum Eating Instructions

Have you ever been watching a porn or reading a hot story and thought “Hey! That is my fetish!”? I know I have! You don’t always have a name for a thing you love to do, but when you discover there’s a name, sometimes you find a whole group of people who like it, too!  In case it isn’t clear, cum eating instructions or CEI is when I force you to drink your own cum after we play. Maybe you like drinking it, maybe you just like being humiliated a bit.

The cum eating instructions fetish is a pretty popular one. It’s probably so popular because it combines a few aspects of other BDSM play. There’s submission, humiliation, and maybe a bit of forced bi all rolled into one.

Submission is part of the fetish because generally, the person with the fetish wants to be “forced” to eat their cum. There are variations. Sometimes you want to be encouraged or coaxed into eating it, but my experience has been that being forced is the most common.

It’s that force that plays it that brings in the humiliation aspect of it. I will make you cum in a cup or your hand or even on your stomach. And then tell you to drink it all and it can get pretty embarrassing.

Lastly, there’s a touch of forced bi. Usually forced bi is when I force you to be with someone of your same gender even though you are straight. Since this is your own body, it’s not really bi, but it has that same taboo feeling and can really get the blood flowing.

So the next time you are scrolling through RedTube and see cum eating instructions. Now you’ll know ‘That is my fetish!’ And hopefully, think of me!


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