Fucked up fetish fantasies #666: being sexually aroused by getting an abortion.

Maybe the reason I’ve been writing so many pregnancy blogs lately is to hide my real deep, dark, taboo secret: my abortion fetish. Honestly, if I ever did get knocked up, I’d have that little (parasitical) problem taken care of ASAP. Does that turn you on?

It turns me on to mislead some (stupid) man who thinks he’s “breeding” me. Sure, fill me with your seed. I’ll let it develop as far as legally allowed before getting that miserable fetus vacuumed the FUCK out. So much for your “legacy,” huh?? Ha ha.

I fantasize about abortions in an erotic way because it’s so taboo. We’re in Trump’s America now, so a woman (supposedly, according to delusional men) has less of a “choice” over “her body” than ever before. Going to the clinic over and over again to dispose of that little non-life is my political statement. My politics are a little too extreme for most “feminists.” Whatever. Fuck them!

Why would any responsible, mature adult bring another life into this miserable place anyway?? Not on MY watch. I want to get pregnant just so I can have an abortion, feel that cold hard steel all the way up to my fallopian tubes. Imagine yourself as my cuckold slave during our femdom phonesex call holding my hand during yet another procedure. You love what an (abortion) slut I am, don’t you, you sick fuck??

With my abortion fetish, I am boycotting men and I am boycotting having their babies. Do you want to see (and hear) what a twisted slut I really am? Call me for some taboo phone sex. I have NO LIMITS and absolutely fucking ZERO taboos. I dare you to try and shock me!! What are you waiting for?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke