He loves a woman’s feet!

Her feet were bare as she slept on the bed. He walked in from a late night of work to find her passed out in bed already. The covers draped over her ass as she pulled them up the front of her body clutching them to her breast. But that wasn’t the first thing he noticed. Seeing her toned legs uncovered, his eyes wandered all the way down to her sexy feet. Just getting to look at them made his cock jump in his pants.

Moving closer to the bed he placed the tips of his fingers on the heel of her foot and began tracing them down toward her toes. He couldn’t help himself. First, he just rubbed his cock through his pants while he traced the soft skin of her foot with his other hand. But this proved to be too much for him and he couldn’t resist pulling his dick out. As he stroked his cock he continued playing with her feet.

She knew how much they turned him on. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she did this on purpose just to tease him when he got home. Taking his precum dripping cock in his hand he moved closer and started to rub the head of it over her feet. He could see the glistening juices transfer onto her skin as he ran it across them. Just the sight of her sexy toes drove him crazy but now he was actually touching them and the effect her feet had on him was obvious.

He didn’t mean to take it as far as he had and before he knew it his cock was exploding all over her bare feet.

Stream after stream of hot jizz flew from the head of his dick coating her sexy feet. He stayed as quiet as possible not wanting to wake her. But the head of his cock rubbed across her toes he let out a little moan. Looking down he took in the picture in front of him. He created a masterpiece! The only thing hotter than her sexy feet was her sexy feet covered in his hot cum!

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