My boyfriend has a feet fetish..

A feet fetish is his favorite thing to play with – and I’m starting to fucking love it. I mean, guys don’t usually pay attention to when you get your nail and hair done. It’s just a common occurrence that they’re pretty oblivious to it all, by sheer stereotype! But my fuck-buddy is totally addicted to the thought of pretty, pedicured feet. I caught a glimpse of some interesting porn left on his computer screen one night, and it’s been on a spiral from there. I love toying with his head, and making sure my feet are shiny and glossy, and ready for him to suck on. He’ll lick and suckle them all night, if I let him.

He loves red pedicures.

Above all, the bright fuck-me-red nail polish absolutely breaks him in. And he has his share of other fetishes too, but the feet fetish is his vice. He loves it, adores it, and can’t get enough of it. I’ll paint my pretty little does and keep them in tip-top shape just so he falls in love with them. Sometimes he can hardly wait, after we leave the bar. We’ll be back in his car, and he’ll take a total detour just so he can peel my heels off and suckle on my toes before we go home. He’s a little kinkster! If it were up to him, his lips would be kissing and pleasing my feet all day. Hell, one day I might just stroke his cock with them, for the hell of watching him fall in sheer lust.

I love toying with his head and making him beg for it. Sometimes I’ll flat out refuse to take my heels off, and even strut around the house. The clicking of the heel against the floors drives him insane, wishing he could tear them off right then and indulge in them.

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