Feeders paradise hot, horny, and love to feed? Chase wants to give you more than just a wing, she wants you to eat the whole fucking chicken!

Feeders paradise is a club where young sexy little things like me can find giant teddy bears to feed. I’m not talking just a little over weight either I am talking 600 pounds plus and they love to eat and I love to cook. Perfect match! I met this one guy who was right at 660 pounds and that big boy loved to eat. Mmmm he loved to lick whipped cream off my pretty little pussy and was always wanting more. The way the food dribbled down his chin as he would take a bite.

Mmmm my momma always said a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach and this plump boy toy had plenty of stomach to go around. He never did get the privilege to fuck this tight little cunt though, cause you see his dick was buried way up under his big belly. That didn’t stop me from getting mine though cause we would make a game out of it. He loved to eat and I was more than willing to put some random food on my pink little puss and let him munch away for hours at a time.

Mmmm thank you Feeders paradise.

He really loved it when I would put mashed potatoes on my ass and pour the gravy over top, he would get this huge grin and just go to town trying to keep any from spilling and wasting.
I even put a hot dog in my ass and he slurped it right out in one giant gulp. It felt amazing and every time I play with him it makes me feel so powerful.

Another time I turned my pink little pussy into the perfect sundae for him, two scoops of ice cream buried and melting down in my tight little box and hot fudge dribbling down the top all the way back to my tight little asshole and topped off with a mound of whipped cream and nuts and a cherry right on top of my clit.

Feeders paradise is absolutely where to find big guys with big guts who love to eat.

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