Fat Fetish Reversed

Fat Fetish reversed….hot girls who love to fuck fat men. I had never really thought about fucking a fat guy before until my friend Morgan turned my curiosity on. She is a hot tall thin blond. She admitted to me that she loves to go pick up fat guys at bars and take them home.

So she told me how fat guys are so appreciative that they work extremely hard to please a girl. Morgan loves to get on top of a fat guy and playing with his extra folds of skin. She told me how it felt to get smothered by the weight of his skin, smothering in his body while he pumps his dick into her. She loves to suck on his tits and caress his folds.

Then she took me out to find us a pair of big guys. We went to a sports bar and found some heavy guys and Morgan made her move. She flirted with two guys and lured them away from their friends. They were both huge and a bit shy. Mine had glasses and a mustache. He was very sweet.

We all sat at a table and Morgan bluntly told them that we wanted to fuck them.

Both of the guys were stunned. I smiled at my guy and explained that we were both horny and we needed to fuck strangers. The two were happy to leave the bar and the baseball game. We went to a nearby hotel. “Should we book adjoining rooms?” My guy asked.  Morgan responded by saying “No- one room, one king-size bed”. The guys blushed and smiled.

We went up, we were holding their hands. Morgan had them sit side by side on the bed. We danced for them and gave them lap dances. Morgan and I kissed and took our clothes off. The boys opened their pants and pulled out their dicks. I was getting wet. We made them spread out their big fat thighs and we blew them.

I had a great fuck that night, next to Morgan. The weight of the guy on my thin body felt scary but exciting. his flaps of skin slapped against me while he fucked me. He came all over my stomach and collapsed on top of me. I felt loved which was wonderful.


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