OK you sexy, imaginative guys…

I have been watching some really old movies lately, (as opposed to porn that I watch all day every day!) and my mind wanders. I especially liked the Blue Lagoon, with the kids growing up and learning things together. It made me think of a fantasy challenge…

You surprise me by calling me and saying you are in Miami. You, like so many other people, have relatives here, and want to know if I would meet you for a quick boat ride. You even tell me you are bringing your twin cousins along with their German Sheppard for company. I agree and meet you at the dock.

We head out on the ocean, and soon a storm catches us. The boat is tossed and ends up beached on a small Island. We get off the boat, and find it looks like an old drug smuggler place, with a cabin, food supplies, and old 70’s electronics. The boat is wrecked, we have food and fishing equipment, and know we will probably be here the rest of our lives.

So…what do you want to do first? Then? Think long term. What kind of things could happen on that little island with only each other for comfort and survival? I’ll be the only female on our little island with you family members, how long until the urges get uncontrollable? The most creative caller that gets my panties the wettest gets them mailed to him for free…


✦ ✦ 【】 ✦ ✦

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