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Tonight is the big night. I am at the hotel suite and it is amazing! Daddy went all out so that we are having a great time all night. The food is of the highest quality, the bar is stocked to the hilt and we have tons of toys for all our pleasures. All the guests are arriving at 7 pm and I am wearing a new outfit Daddy bought me today. I am so excited for all the fun!

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My brother, Cal, is here and feeling horny so we are trying out one of the beds before our guests arrive. Choosing one of the toys we head into the other room. We love making out almost as much as fucking. He is such a good kisser and so good with his hands. Within no time we are naked running our tongues all over each other’s bodies. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Daddy sitting down to watch the show.

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Daddy is waiting for Cal’s load so he can clean me up.

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Once Daddy has his fill, I am heading to the shower when I hear the doorbell. Daddy and Cal walk out to answer it as I shower and get all dolled up for our guests. As I am walking out to the living room area, I am blown away by the number of guests we have. Time to bring out my Good Time Girl for this party. Jaws are dropping as I walk by the crowd of men.

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Within no time, I am surrounded by men. As they are watching me, I start to dance and show off my young sexy body. They are practically drooling over me as I begin to strip off my gorgeous new outfit. Men are stepping into the circle and dancing with me. Soon their hands are all over my body. My pussy is tingling with excitement as someone grabs my hand, leading me to the bedroom.

I am sitting on the bed, playing with my young golden pussy while the men start jerking off. So many cocks surrounding me as they pull them out and wrap their hands on them. From there a few are climbing onto the bed with me and I feel their breath on my body as their lips start exploring my landscape. My nipples are immediately hard and ready for attention.

Daddy is filming everything as he rubs his crotch.

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