Family Sex Stories: Taking Care If My Son’s Blue Balls

I cannot believe the audacity of that stuck up cunt. How dare she get off denying my baby boy his pussy. Doesn’t she know the family sex stories that we have together? She sat there and teased him and got him all worked up just to leave him with blue balls. You young girls may think that’s funny, but that hurts those boys. And there is no reason for somebody is attractive and well endowed as my son to be left unsatisfied. I’m surprised he went and looked elsewhere because he knows how you little whores can never satisfy him the way that Mommy can.

After all, I grew up with him, this mom knows every last inch of her son and just how to make him feel good. Don’t you worry, Mom is going to take care of her son. There’s no way I’m going to let him go with a nice erect penis and blue balls. If anyone wants his cum it’s me. So when he comes home and he tells me what you have done to him I don’t even hesitate. I send him a right to his room where I will join him shortly. I make sure to wear that pink frilly nighty that he loves.

“…you little whores can never satisfy him the way that Mommy can.”

It’s nice and see through he love’s staring at Mommy’s nipples through the sheer fabric. I kneel down at his feet like a good subservient woman and I begin to stroke his dick as I suckle on his balls. He knows he has his Mum wrapped around his finger. As I suck his cock he places his hand on the back of my head showing me the tempo that he would love for me to suck his dick at. I have no problem sucking his cock at all. He knows I know what I’m doing, but I guess he’s been around too many young sluts and is gotten in the habit of showing girls just what to do. However, as his hunger grows for my pussy he likes my legs high in the air.

Holding my ankle he plows deep inside of me with every inch of his young cock. He shows me just how much of a Mama’s boy he really is. Back and forth he sways his hips as he continues to fuck me until every last drop of those blue balls cum dumps inside of me. My son doesn’t just leave me empty-handed though. He knows to finish Mama off. He was nice and sensitive from the teasing the little bitch gave him, so he was unable to make Mommy cum. But like a good boy, he’ll dive deep into my muff and lick up every last drop of my juices, and his own. A good boy always makes his Mum cum. Want more Family Sex Stories? Try out our Incest Phone Sex!