blogpicI will not be available for calls this weekend, I have a huge family event I will be available ALL week until I leave Thursday night. I am excited to see my family and it is a milestone event so the whole dang family is coming out of the woodwork and a lot of reminiscing is happening. I recently found out my “Uncle” Jack is going to be there so I have been thinking non-stop about how much his love made me the woman I am today. He is actually my cousin but was older so he became “Uncle” Jack.  I loved Uncle Jack, he was the most important man in my life growing up, he spoiled and adored me. I was always his “baby girl” he made me feel special and like a princess. Jack loved horses and bought me a pony was I was little. I kept it at his stables and rode her as often as I could visit the barn. On one of my barn visits, I spied a new big, black horse in the stables. Now being a young girl into horses I had watched “The Black Stallion” and had to ride this horse! I found Uncle Jack in the barn office and had to convince him to let his princess ride this dark stallion. As he sat in the desk chair, I climbed up in his lap trying to look cute. I was getting too big to be sitting in his lap so I ended up straddling his thigh for balance and cuddled into his chest. “Unkie Jack can I please ride the new horsie, Eclipse?”, batting my tiny eyelashes and pouting. He chuckled and gave me a huge smile, “Now Baby Girl, that is no pony. He is a big boy. You sure you can handle him?” “Oh, yes I can!,” my eyes were huge and pleading. “I am getting to be a big girl and I have had lots of practice on my pony.” His voice lowered and he became serious, “Now I noticed you have been riding that pony bareback lately. That can be more dangerous and you can not ride this horse bareback.” “I know, Unkie. I just like the way bareback feels and I know how to hang on” I was now starting to worry I would not convince him. He raised a skeptical eyebrow and asked “Oh you do, do you?” I had to show Uncle Jack his Baby Girl was grown up enough to handle it. Since I was already straddling his leg I decided to use it as an example. “See I hold tight with my legs as I ride.” I squeezed his thigh between my own little thighs and pretending to ride a horse. When I did this I pressed the meat of his thigh into a mound that rose up pressing on my white cotton panties. OMG, this was more pressure on my petite little pussy that my pony ever gave me. I started moving a little faster on my play pony. It felt even better than the awakening I got from riding bareback. Uncle Jack noticed my pace quicken and I pushed harder against me. His voice was really soft and soothing as he asked, “You are growing up, you really like the way that feels Baby Girl?’ “Yes, Unkie” I was slightly embarrassed to have him see me enjoying my little girl part being rubbed. “That is good, darling. You are starting to grow up and a good woman knows how to enjoy the parts that make her special.” I glowed, I was doing it right. I needed more approval so I implored, “So it is okay to like it?’ He smiled at me, “Darling, I just want my Baby Girl to be happy, and if it makes you happy it all good!” Jeez, I loved my Uncle Jack! He always gave me everything I wanted. Encouraged by this I slid off the cotton panties and really started pressing and moving my little hips on his lap. His jeans caught on my little pussy lips and spread them apart. The dry denim rubbed hard on my soft pink parts “Ohhhh Unkie this is so much better than the pony, but it is like an itch that will not stop.” He raised his leg into my long hard hip rub and this itch felt satisfied. I suddenly relaxed and I felt the denim moisten and the friction on my pink let up. I kept rubbing I did not want the feeling to end. In a playful tone Uncle Jack said, “Uh-oh, I got a wet spot on my jeans I better take them off.” He raised his lap and I moved with it. He then unbuttoned and unzip and began to slid them off his hips. Something smacked my small ass cheek lightly. I slid my hand underneath me and felt a large, stiff fleshy shaft. It was like none of my own body parts but it was hard and perfectly shaped. I pushed it forward to my aching, throbbing insides. I felt it catch and slid right in my slit, running forward along my pussy lips and hitting my tiny clit. My small pussy flaps tried to hold it along my slit. I put my hand down and pushed my uncle’s dick hard against me. It was like a hot dog in a bun and I just kept rubbing. This was the best yet!!!!. I could see the purple, swollen dome pushing out of my flap with every stroke. The weird flesh started spewing a glistening goo. It was all so strange but felt so good!!! Uncle Jack’s body softened under me and he leaned forward and whispered, “When you get bigger I will put it inside of you.” I was so excited I could not wait to feel him actually inside of me and Uncle Jack kept that promise.

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