Face Slapping And Why I Deserve It from Daddy

Oooops is that Daddy’s credit card I’ve stolen and taken to the mall, again? I just can’t help myself. I mean, he leaves me at home all the time in this big house all by myself…well the maid’s there, but she doesn’t lick puss, I’ve tried. So, I decided that I deserve a little fun and treat myself with the credit card you left me. I know I have a limit but not today I don’t. This morning I wanted to show off that new thong I got with the little diamonds over my pussy, but he left! I know work is work, but Daddy, I want attention, and it looks like the first thing I’ll be getting is his favorite, face slapping. Did I need any new thongs, heels, perfumes, lingerie, or bikinis? NO! But I wanted them so I fucking took them! That gets his attention so I know when he sees the bill my face slapping with be extra tough. I love when he slaps me and slips a finger inside me at the same time.

I know Daddy is furious but he just can’t stay away from this pussy, and I don’t want him to. He loves giving his pretty little girl a face slapping that he knows I deserve. I do have an attitude and I also don’t care so Daddy likes to be extra sure I’ve learned my lesson. I’m usually the one who asks for more face slapping just to see how hard Daddy will go. Being a vulgar little brat always keeps them coming.

It’s all in preparation for my attitude adjustment. Daddy loves bending me over the counter that he read his credit card statement at and hammering me until I’m begging to cum! Why else do you think I spend your credit card behind your back? This little attention whore wants your cock and your face slapping….please Daddy, don’t stop!!!!

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