Extreme Switch Play Makes My Daddy Crazy!

I love to keep things spicy and enjoy some extreme switch play. I’m naturally dominant now, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, at first, I was quite shy. I had no clue what to do with all the attention I would go on to receive. My domme daddy made sure to show me all the things I had to learn. First and foremost, he has a protocol and makes sure to abide by all the rules and makes it known he won’t break any of them for anyone. Mainly the rule is that there aren’t any rules. Anything can happen, and I must understand that fully and willing to make Domme Daddy happy at any cost. I’ve done quite a few things to keep him content.

Domme Daddy gives direction.

I must follow the rules and make him go deep into scenarios and games so beyond twisted that they mind fuck him. My idea of a good mind fuck is making my domme daddy become my submissive slave. I put on the hottest and highest heel with the sharpest, too, and make him worship. It’s time we play some extreme switch play at Domme daddy’s expense. I will bring out the whips and toys and have daddy begging for mercy. My heels will walk all over him. Especially his balls. I’m always fantasizing about crushing his balls and making him scream in pain. I’m loving the whips and chains and make sure he feels secluded and trapped.

Besides, he’s the one that begs for this kind of play. I’m a good girl, and I obey, but now it’s time for him to see he will never be set free until I have gotten my pleasure.

Your wish is my command!

Now that you want me to take over and show you I can lead and dominate, and you can’t back up now. The safe word is no good here, and I’m sorry, but you will have to deal with the torture and pain and realize extreme switch play will be dangerous but so exciting. Now you must be the beta slut. A slut must submit to me and make sure to keep me happy. Daddy Domme is now a weeping slave and must enjoy the pain I inflict. As I always say, be careful what you wish for because you might get it and much more than you bargained for after all.

Push those buttons.

I’m about to make you lose your shit and show you that I’m still in charge. After I put all force to your ball smacks, I give you a treat and end up smothering your face while you worship me. It is so hot to enjoy some extreme switch play with someone who takes the lead usually and now lets me make the rules and do whatever I like. You will never want to go back to a one-sided game. Now we both have our fun and make each other climax harder.

Fetish phone sex is my kind of game!