Get ready to indulge your extreme dominant giantess fetish.

Admit it, strong powerful woman drive you crazy don’t they? In the best of all possible ways of course. That’s where your extreme dominant giantess cravings come into play. I’m always up for yet another unique way to dominate you and this is just the thing. You’re completely under my control once I shrink you down to size. Look at you, sipping that glass of wine, completely unaware of the secret potion I slipped into your glass. Suddenly, a weird feeling begins to take over your body. Your clothes begin to get looser and looser.

Suddenly you find yourself standing in a pool of your clothing next to the largest tree you’ve ever seen. That’s not a tree, it’s the leg of the dining room table which suddenly looks like an insurmountable mountain. As you shrink down until you’re barely six inches tall, your eyes grow wide with fear. The ground around you starts to tremble as the stiletto heels of my black leather boots grow ever closer. Don’t run little one, isn’t this what you wanted after all? Stay still and prepare to please your extreme dominant giantess goddess!

Set to work licking my leather boots clean. This is a task that once was so very easy for you. Now, it’s a completely different story, however. Let’s see just how long it takes you to lick every inch clean. Your tongue is so much tinier than it used to be. Do a thorough job. After all, it’s not wise to piss off an extreme dominant giantess wearing six-inch stiletto leather boots, is it? If I lift my heel up and start stomping it down, you’re going to be in big trouble. Run little boy toy, run!

Just how does a six-inch small man use the bathroom?

You didn’t think about that, did you? Your entire body is smaller than the cocks of the men I fuck. You couldn’t scale the toilet if you tried. I suppose I can make a miniature diaper for you out of a corner of a napkin. What’s the matter? Did your humiliation just soar to an entirely new level? Good, because that is exactly what I intended to happen. You did drink all of that wine, and from the look on your face, it appears that you need to pee right now. Too bad for you, you’re going to have to wet yourself.

Should I tuck you in my pocket, or right between my breasts? Now it’s time for me to carry you out to lunch with my friends. Just imagine the looks on their faces when I pull you out and set you down on the table. The whole cafe is wondering what’s so funny and they’re coming over to see for themselves. This is going to be the most amusing show and tell ever. Well, it’s amusing for me and everyone else in the cafe, but not so much for you.

You’re on full display and of course, everyone wants to see if all of you is so very tiny. Apparently they didn’t know you before I shrunk you down. You’ve always had a little nub between your thighs. Now I need to get the magnifying glass out for them to examine your clearly inadequate tic tac. It’s time for you to get a workout. Start climbing up the body of your extreme dominant giantess goddess.

Hold on tight, because once you start climbing up my legs, it’s a long way down if you fall.

I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t survive it. Is your pathetic little dicklet getting aroused from grabbing onto my thighs and climbing up my perfect body? It’s not like it’s visible but you look like you’re ready to dribble. My friends want to see just what sort of cum could possibly emerge from something barely visible to the naked eye. Eww, you’re worse than a horny dog humping against my leg. It’s not that I can feel you because I definitely cannot, but I can see you getting all worked up and panting. You weren’t good enough to fuck me when you were normal-sized, you certainly aren’t up to my standards now. I’m a size queen no limits cougar and proud of it. I don’t do little dick losers. What other ways can I humiliate you?

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke