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I could use some amusement tonight so let’s see what you’ve got. If you do a good job at following instructions, you’ll get your extreme ass worship session tonight. If you don’t then it’s blue balls for you. Clearly you’re used to that already. I’ve heard that your wife never puts out. You’re quite familiar with your hand already aren’t you? Sit back on the sofa and enjoy the show. No touching, not yet anyway. Feast your eyes on the way my tight mini dress hugs my curves to perfection. Watch as I bend forward and my dress slides up.

Now you can see my tiny red thong nestled between my perfect ass cheeks. They’re so soft and silky that you want to rub your face against them, don’t you? You’re actually whimpering like a puppy dog now, how funny! Because it’s been so long since you’ve had a proper extreme ass worship session, you’re ready to explode. Slowly reach out and slide my dress up around my waist. Now that I’m back up against you, my ass cheeks are bouncing against your face. Kiss my ass and show me how badly you want to worship it.

Slide your tongue around my tight puckered asshole and dip it right in.

You’re oozing pre-cum from the feel of my tight ass squeezing around your tongue. Because the scent and taste of my sweet juices are surrounding you now. Lay on your back, it’s time for the real fun to start. I’m going to bind your wrists to the bedposts so you can’t stroke that dick without my permission. I’ll indulge your extreme ass worship fetish tonight, but it’s all about me and my pleasure. Now that your hands are secure, I’m going to lower my ass right onto your face.

Time to put those lips and that tongue to work. Feel my perfect round ass come down over your mouth and your nose. Every breath that you take in, you smell the intoxicating scent of my sweet ass. I’m riding your tongue now, lifting up just long enough for you to suck a couple quick breaths of air in, then I slam back down. The feel of my ass bouncing up and down on your tongue has you ready to explode. There’s so much pre-cum dripping out of your swollen rock hard cock, that the sheets are getting wet.

Your moans are sounding pretty desperate now. You would do anything at all for release now, but I wouldn’t dream of ending the fun here. Let’s see how long we can make this extreme ass worship session go on before you’re begging for mercy. The blue balls that your wife has left you with, is nothing compared to what I’m going to do you. You’re going to walk around in a perpetual state of hardness, aching and dripping pre-cum at just the mere thought of me. Lay back and watch me finger my juicy cunt while you eat my ass out.

The only one of us that’s going to get off tonight is me.

My sweet slutty cheating wife pussy juices are dripping down my pussy lips and mixing with my ass juices. It’s so very addictive, isn’t it? You’ve got the perfect up-close view as my fingers tease my clit and slowly start to slip inside my tight pussy. The sound of my moans and wetness make you squirm even more. You’re actually humping the air now, what a funny desperate sight! If you impress me with your tongue and ass worship skills, I just might allow you to cum the next time.

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