I love to squirt for you! A big fourth of July explosion you’ll never forget!

I’m wet and ready. It’s fourth of July weekend and I can’t wait to explode just for you. I’m going to squirt all over! I want you to bury your face between my legs and let me ride your face. I’m going to cum all over your face. I want to ride your cock too. Bury it deep inside me, bend me over and make me scream. I need you, baby. I need to squirt all over your cock too. Need it so bad. I need you so bad.

Strip me naked. Lay me back on the bed. Spread my legs. Tease me with your lips all over my body. Kiss me, touch me, lick me. I need to feel you. Kiss up my inner thighs. Tease my lips with your tongue. Bury your face between my legs, make me beg and moan. Lay back, let me straddle your face. Slide your tongue inside me over and over again. Grinding my hips into your mouth, your arms wrapped around my legs. Pushing me harder and harder into your mouth. I’m going to squirt all over your face any second now. Don’t stop baby.

Let me slide down your body. I’ll grab your cock, stroke it until you’re rock hard for me.

Spread my legs, straddling your cock and lowering myself down until you’re buried deep inside me. I drip down your cock, riding you. I needed you so bad baby. You feel so good. You’re so deep and I’m riding you hard and fast. My tits are bouncing as I bounce on your cock. You grab my hips and throw me on the bed, flipping me over to put me on my hands and knees. You push my face into the bed. You’re about to give it to me so hard and deep and that’s going to make me squirt sooooo much. I know you want it, baby.

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