What is your most taboo fantasy?

What is your most taboo fantasy? The one you won’t tell anyone? The one you are almost ashamed to admit to yourself?

Is it ageplay? Getting down and dirty with someone years away from being ok? Does that age difference make you hot, get your blood pumping in a way that no other woman your own age possibly could? What about beastiality? Do the earth’s beasts get you going? Quadrapeds get your dick hard and weeping. Something else, maybe? Snuff, bisexuality, incest?

Whatever your kink is, no matter how far over most limits, I’m the one that will help you indulge these dirty dreams. I can take your taboo fantasy, and make those naughty thoughts a reality. Divulge your innermost thoughts to me and let me take you though a phone sex ride that hits on each one of your pleasure points. I can not only rock your body but your mind can be stimulated to the point of bliss too.

I know that the best way to enjoy each other is to root far below the surface of more vanilla pleasures and open doors that remain locked even to you except at the height of your erotic freefall. Don’t think, only release. Release these thoughts that you are ashamed of into my hands and let me build on them to make you realize your most forbidden fantasy. And the best part, is I don’t judge. I won’t tell. I revel in the taboo and the loss of your inhibitions. Helping you indulge these dirty dreams takes me into esctasy. Come with me.

What better time to take advantage of the open door I give you to your fantasies than right now? There is no better time. No reason to wait.  And Free Phone Sex makes it that much better!