Experimenting With A Butt Plug

The other hole? I could never, I used to think! It all changed when I decided to get my very own, and very first, butt plug! How will it feel? What will my partner say? I waited for the package in such anticipation as if it were going to jump out at me when it arrived!

It was so cute when I held it for the first time. It had such a pretty jewel on the end, you know the part that’s be sticking out of my ass after deep anal penetration. I was with him and he had more experience with these sex toys than I did. So I let him oil it up the first time and tease it into my ass hole.

The butt plug was…intense at first, almost an annoyance. Oh but let me tell you it was not that way for long. One sly twist of it either direction, and I felt the anal stimulation I had red about all online. The rave of butt plugs was actually true.

And the first time I experienced it while fucking, FUCK!

And the first time I experienced it while fucking, FUCK! It was like nothing else. My dream is double penetration. As his cock would slide in and out of me, he’d slightly twist the butt plug again, around and around it went, stimulating every nerve bundle in my backside. I’d consider that my first splash of anal play, getting used to feeling something fill my other hole, and he used that to his advantage when he wanted to play a little game.

Before he’d leave for the office, he’d take me over his knee for my morning spanks, you know, making sure his good little slut stays in line….and then he eases the jewel-encrusted butt plug into me so tightly, and leave it there! He’d head for work in a very timely fashion and without missing a beat would leave me one instruction “Do not take that out until I’m home.” Feeling it already massage my ass so perfectly, I didn’t know if I could handle it without cumming all over myself.

Did that butt plug leave me covered in my own cum by the time he got home? I guess you and I will have to experiment on our own with this butt plug to find out 😉

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