Haven’t you always wished you had an exotic dancer girlfriend? 

Just picture yourself sitting at home when me – your sexy exotic dancer girlfriend – strolls in the door. A little buzzed from work and so super horny too. I may have spent all night bumping and grinding on other men but ultimately it’s made me even more horny and hungry for you. Every time I slid into the VIP room, my first thoughts are about all the kinky things we’ll be doing later in the evening once I’m finally all yours and only yours for the night. I can’t resist texting you hot phone sex messages during my shift to pump you up. 

There are even more perks to having an exotic dancer girlfriend. 

All of my super hot stripper friends want to hang out with us. I know you aren’t put off at all by being around sexy young ladies with hot bodies and fun personalities. You know a lot of us already from being phone sex operators here at The Kingdom. We’ve enjoyed plenty of long chats together but now we are all hanging out on the sofa naked. I told you that having an exotic dancer girlfriend is the ultimate fantasy for a lot of men but you’re living the dream.

Babe, will you help me and the girls pick out new outfits for the club?

Of course you will! We all load up to go down to the Exotic Dancer Girlfriend Depot for a shopping trip. My friend you really like is with us too – the sexy raver babe who is new in town. She keeps commenting on how super hot you are btw. Maybe tonight will be the day we finally get to play together?  or..

Even if it’s just you two, I think I’d like to watch!

What kind of good exotic dancer girlfriend would I be if I didn’t share my man’s big thick dick with all my gal pals? LOL! Seeing how you fuck another girl right in front of me just makes me drip. Plus I know the entire time all you’re doing is looking at my hot tight body and seeing my fingers dance around this soaking wet pussy. 

I’ll even help slide you into her itty bitty pussy. 

Looking down I notice how your balls are literally throbbing. Was it when I made her suck you and eat me a the same time? For awhile now I’ve had the idea that you and I should have our own little pleasure pet. Well, I made it happen and now she’s all ours to play with whenever. This is yet another reason as to why having an exotic dancer girlfriend tops all other gfe experiences. My open-mindedness takes our relationship to places that regular vanilla couples can only dream of. 

Don’t worry, there’s even more ground for us to cover when it comes to the many ways my occupation will make our partnership even more fun. You’ll have to call me to find out the rest, baby. 😉 




Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke