Exhibitionism and Edging Make Make Neighborhood Watch Fun

I’ve always been into exhibitionism. Few things turn me on like getting dressed and putting on a sexy show for someone. During my shows, I like to edge my lovers to the brink of orgasm for hours before giving them permission to cum. Tonight my love of exhibitionism and edging collide when I catch my sexy neighbor watching me.

It started out as a normal enough night. I came home from a long day at work, made myself a cocktail and went into my bedroom to unwind for the evening. I pulled back the bedroom curtains and opened the windows to let in some fresh air. As I opened the window I noticed my neighbor Ted peering through his blinds. This wasn’t the first time I’ve caught Ted watching me. And after a few more sips of my cocktail, I decided to give Ted a show. I called Ted and told him to come over to my place.

When Ted got to my bedroom I had already stripped down to my bra and panties.

When Ted walked into the room, I sat him down on the edge of my bed and told him to pull out his cock. As Ted pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock, I started to slowly take off my bra. I rubbed my nipples and pushed my tits into Ted’s face as he stroked his cock. Exhibitionism always works when I want to get a man hard, I could feel him getting harder against my belly. Ted opened his mouth wide and began sucking on my nipples.

I pulled back and took my nipples away. Then I bent over seductively making sure that Ted had a good view of my ass and my snatch as I slid off my panties. I could hear the fapping sounds of Ted’s wet cock as he slid a finger into my wet snatch. Ted grabbed me by the waist and tried to pull me down onto his cock. I wiggled away from Ted’s grip and shoved him back onto the bed.

I told Ted that tonight I didn’t want to fuck him,  I want to edge him, I wanted to see how long he could last through my exhibitionist show.

Then I climbed into the bed and sat down across from Ted, as spread my legs. Ted’s watched me intently as I slid my fingers down my wet slit. Ted began to stroke his cock faster, but I told him to slow down and take long, slow strokes to make it last. I spread my pussy lips open with my left hand, giving Ted a full view of my glistening clit. Lightly, Ted began to run his fingertips up and down the shaft of his cock. Watching him tease the pre-cum out of his cock, made my pussy flow like a fountain. I slid two fingers into my dripping hole. My fingers inside of my pussy wracked my body with pleasure. Ted began to tease the head of his cock, slowly rubbing himself and spreading the pre-cum over the shaft of his cock.

Ted sat up on the bed and kneeled between my legs. He lightly tapped the head of his cock against my clit before he began to slide his cock in between my wet pussy lips. Feel my wet pussy around him was bringing Ted close. I could tell by the way his cock was throbbing that he couldn’t take any more edging. I gave Ted to put the head of his cock inside of my wet snatch. Ted began jerking his hard cock into my wet hole as I rubbed my puffy clit. As I squirted my pussy juice down his cock, Ted couldn’t hold back and blew his hot, sticky cum into my pussy.

When I came home from work I never knew that exhibitionism and voyeurism would combine into a wonderful creampie, but I love the way Ted and I redefined neighborhood watch.

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